Blog Frenzy – Day 16

My word count is something over 71,000, but I don’t remember the exact number. Even more depressing, I’m way too lazy/tired to go look it up. Which, really, would only take a total of three clicks. When I’m too tired to click three times, we officially have an issue.

I would like to be sleeping, please. Under the covers, with the windows open. But no. I had to be dumb and sign up for an all-day nine o’clock class. I don’t really care that there are only five (or four) weeks left. I don’t think I can do this five more times. Seriously, it might kill me. You think I’m kidding.

I would also really like to finish this novel today. I can’t promise that’s actually going to happen, but it would be really great if it could. I have a ton of other things to do besides force myself to write.

Sorry about the short post. I really need to find a way to wake up in the next half hour.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

Blog Frenzy – Day 10

As of this moment, I’m at 60,804 words.

Yesterday was kind of a slow day. I didn’t get much writing done in biology, only because my prof kept talking about things that aren’t in the book or notes. So I actually sort of had to pay attention to what he was saying. But that was okay, because I learned plenty of things about wolves that I never would have known otherwise. Did you know that their gestation period is only 63 days? That’s because they mate in January and February, and they have to be somewhat grown before the winter comes around again, or it’s not likely that they’ll survive. But you probably either already knew that or wish you didn’t.

I’m not sure how many words I’m going to be able to get in today. I somehow got stuck designing the programs for NHS’s induction ceremony next month (at least I get paid in hours). And I have two scholarships due next week. I think. But I might as well get as many of them done today as possible, because I’m also extremely behind on all of my schoolwork. Seriously. Weeks behind.

This is why I wanted to get my novel finished this weekend. But we’ll see how that goes. I could either work on it all day today and possibly get it even closer to completion, and get all my work done at the last minute tomorrow. Or I could try to be responsible and get all my work done this morning, so I have all the time in the world tomorrow to work on my novel, no pressure.

Personally, I like the second option. You’re not even supposed to do real work on Sundays, anyway.

Right now, Melanie is getting lectured by an unexpected mentor. But the advice she’s being given is actually proving to be useful. So she’s going to visit some people before the day is done. But that’s all I’m going to say, because Evie is sitting at her laptop going, “I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you.” Except she doesn’t really hate me. She just hates the fact that I’m keeping novel secrets from her and tossing out hints along the way. Hints that she’s totally not even picking up.

Or is she?

On top of scholarship essays and program designing, my room somehow got messy again without me noticing. So I should probably take care of that before it gets out of control (again). You know, I’m still not really sure how that happens. You clean your room and expect it to stay that way. For a few days, you make the extra effort to put everything in its place and make your bed, etc. And then a few more days go by, and you start getting lazy. The next thing you know, you can’t see your floor. And you’re almost afraid to go in there.

I’m pretty sure I only have like five weeks of school left. Of course, I’m not even free after that, because I have to take the ACT at college orientation. But that’s okay. I’m not going to spend twelve hours a day three weeks in a row studying for it. Though, if I did, there’s a good chance I’d get that 28 I’m pushing for. College is expensive. For some reason, higher test scores equal more money I won’t have to pay back later. I don’t really understand the whole concept. I always score lower on tests than I should. Except for the high school placement tests, when they told me I should skip algebra 1 and go right into geometry. Yeah, right.

I’m not going to tell you how many more chapters are left. But I’m very excited for each and every one of them! Except for the next one. I haven’t really figured out how it fits into the rest of the novel yet. That’s sort of a problem. But oh well.

I’ll try not to let all this work kill me. And if it does, you’ll never know. Because no one else knows my password.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

Blog Frenzy – Day 8

I seriously need to stop waking up at ten o’clock. Now I’m way behind on what I was supposed to get done today when I should have woken up at 7:30. Fascinating.

 The good news is, i had a free day yesterday. No cummunications (and little communicating whatsoever with the world, besides Evie) and no voice lessons (though there was some singing, thanks to that shower I took at one point). The advantages to this free day included me being able to sit down at nine o’clock and write slowly for about thirteen hours, while also wasting time on Facebook, etc. But I made up for the writing I didn’t get done on Tuesday, and finished the day off having written almost exactly 8,000 words. So by the time I finally went to sleep, my word count was 58, 179. Which made me very happy.

I plan on finishing this thing very soon. So until then, I am putting off all other work and responsibilities. Not including tutoring, since that’s kind of a necessity at this point. I also somehow got stuck being responsible for designing the programs for NHS’s induction ceremony next month. And by “got stuck,” I pretty much mean I volunteered, expecting that someone else had already offered. I was the first one. So now I have to go meet with him as soon as possible. Which probably means missing math today, since this is ten times more important at this point.

I didn’t take my notes for class anyway. So it all works out.

This book is going to end up being longer than I expected it to. I was planning on making it around the same number of pages/words that the first book in the series was (70,600 words, 211 pages). But it doesn’t look like 12,000 more words is going to be enough to cover everything else that Melanie and her friends have to deal with before the novel is over. So I’m just going to stop looking at word count and write, write, write.

I’m not excited for tomorrow. Though tomorrow is Friday, and tomorrow means another glorious weekend (already), tomorrow also means back to biology. Back to a class from nine to twelve, or one, or two, or however long he’s going to keep us this time. This will be the first time I haven’t gone to biology completely prepared since the first day of class (sort of). But like I said, it’s not my main concern right now. I’ll catch up on everything as soon as this novel is finished. I hope.

I should probably get to writing. This day is starting to look a little hectic.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

Blog Frenzy – Day 2

Yikes! Yesterday was an interesting day. I went to math class. That was pretty much the highlight.

But the good news is, I did end up getting past 40,000 words. More than I was expecting, actually. The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure I could get to fifty thousand words before this weekend is over. Which would mean that I wrote fifty thousand words in less than a month. More like 27 days, maybe. That’s kind of ridiculous. Who am I, to use March and April to write all these words? That’s November’s joy.

I guess I’m just a crazy person. It makes sense.

I went to a speech team showcase at my school last night for ten extra credit points. Actually, I only get the points if I write about two out of the five speeches we heard. Honestly, I was pretty much bored out of my mind, and spent the last half thinking about my novel. I guess you could say I’m obcessed, and maybe I am, but this story is turning out pretty well. I’m excited that it hasn’t fallen below my expectations yet. I try not to set my standards too high these days.

I leave for my grandparents’ tonight. It’s only a two-and-a-half hour drive, which isn’t too bad. I just can’t read or write in the car, or I get sick. So I’ll probably just end up listening to music the whole time. Or maybe I’ll take a nap. Sleeping in is great every once in awhile, but I had my heart set on getting up early just to celebrate that I don’t have to go to biology class for the second week in a row.

Well, it’s done. Melanie revealed her big secret to Jason, but we’re still not really sure how he’s feeling about the whole thing. Is he going to tell his parents? That would be kind of awkward, considering the fact that they’ve known Mel since she was an adorable little fourth grader. Well, she’s not so adorable now. Not that Jason has anything to worry about. Except the fear of losing her. Again.

Unless he’s not afraid of that at all. Then he’s good to go.

What we do know is, Uncle Grant won’t be calling her “kiddo” much longer. And her mother has enough issues of her own to deal with already, without another cave-in. Great. What is Melanie going to do now?

I’m going to stop talking about my novel now, since you still probably aren’t Jackson or Evie and therefore have no idea what I’m talking about. Moving on.

I walked into a door the other day. There’s a huge bump on my head and it hurts very much.

Love&hugs, Meg♥


I’m so tired. I haven’t been sleeping very wel lately. I keep thinking about my novel, and how addicted to it I am. I’ve written almost 26,000 words in a week and a day. I also have a biology test tomorrow, and you know by now how that goes. I have no time to be writing this. I don’t even know what I’m doing. Honestly, I have pictures of bacteria floating around in my head.

I wrote about five thousand words yesterday. That’s way too many, for all the things I have to do. Oh well. It’ll pay off in the long run, at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself since last week.

Spring break. Almost here. Need. Break. Muffins?

Love&hugs, Meg♥

ABC Family & Novelage

Last night’s Secret Life episode blew my mind. Honestly, I didn’t even see that coming. And it raises a ton of questions. I mean, if it’s not just a pregnancy scare, what the heck is Adrian going to do? And Ben? And what about her parents? I’m not sure how well her dad’s going to take that. But maybe this’ll give she and Amy a chance to actually be actual friends. Maybe she’ll finally get over Ricky. Speaking of which, I’m so glad he got his way. Amy was getting on my nerves about wanting John for herself. Also, if she IS pregnant, that should make Madison and Laurren think twice about their post-wedding plans. We hope.

My speech is finally over, and that’s all I’m really going to say about it. I didn’t go well; I was really shaken up and forgot a few citations. And it might have been slightly under the time limit. That’s what I get for having a temporary obsession with Make It or Break It, since I spent all of Saturday watching season 1 on Hulu. Kind of pathetic, right? Yeah. Completely.

So the only thing left before break, the last hurdle to jump over, is my Unit III biology test. I still have so much to do to prepare for it. I also have some math to catch up on, so I can get away with working on my novel while we go over example problems. Speaking of my novel, it’s really taking off. I’m glad that I was brave enough to hold off on the story that wasn’t working and let this one come out. I really like it.

Melanie was the antagonist in the last book, my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel. She was the mean-spirited, blonde, beauty-queen cheerleader that the main character (Anna) couldn’t stand. Really, it wasn’t because she couldn’t stand her, but because she couldn’t understand her. No one could, really. The book ended with her completely setting out to destroy (and succeeding in destroying) Jenny’s social life. At the start of this new book, one I have yet to title, Melanie is the new leader of the pack.

The story is told from her eyes, seeing the world through her conflicted viewpoints. She wants to follow the rules and continue to oversee her clique, but she also wants very desperately to pull away from it. The problem is, she doesn’t exactly know how to. She’s so stuck in her ways, so set on the rules that were drilled into her head as a freshman, that she can’t. She’s stuck in her place. Isn’t that what she wants?

Everyone has a backstory: even the mean ones. Even Melanie.

17,200 words in less than a week. Fun times.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

10 Reasons Why Today Made Me Sad

  1. Math quiz (returned)
  2. A lack of breakfast
  3. Sleep deprivation
  4. A barely organized biology binder
  5. Having studied until 3am (again)
  6. A lack of a plethora of views on this blog
  7. PowerPoint being stupid
  8. Webcam microphones not being plugged in
  9. A lack of SOMEONE texting me back AGAIN
  10. The fact that it’s not over yet.

Love&hugs, Meg♥