Project HEAL to Receive Royalties from February’s Novella Concept Story

In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, all royalties earned through sales of February’s novella will go to Project HEAL.


I know you haven’t heard much about any of my (many) projects lately, and I apologize for that. (Newsletter subscribers, however, are probably sick of hearing about them by now …)

I am always 120 percent dedicated to helping you live a more awesome writing life. Sometimes that means I have to keep most of my more personal updates to myself so I don’t spoil any surprises (and so I have enough energy to keep dishing out tips and all that motivational stuff everyone loves so much).

In addition to book writing and freelancing and people-managing (and school, and petting my cat, all equally important things), I have been working on my second novella of the year. And hopefully by the time this goes up, I will be done with the first draft (fingers crossed).

Which means I can officially announce the title, release date AND donations recipient for February’s Novella Concept story. EXCITING!!

For those of you who are just joining us, here’s a rundown of what’s going on. After Project for Awesome 2015, I was inspired to start my own ‘movement’ of sorts, a way that I (and anyone else who wanted to join me) could raise money for different causes all year round by writing stories.

The Novella Concept is an experiment. Each month in 2016 I’ll be writing and self-publishing a novella, and the royalties earned for each of those novellas will go to different charities to support the causes addressed in that story. Pretty cool, huh?

Last month we published our first novella, and will be donating every cent we make from that novella to This Star Won’t Go Out. So if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, you still can!

February’s novella, Skin and Tears, will be available online starting February 23. In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, all royalties earned through those sales will go to Project HEAL, a nonprofit that provides funds and hope for those seeking recovery from eating disorders.

I am really excited to share this story with you, but more importantly, I hope you will be able to find some way to support The Novella Concept and all of the charities we will be supporting for as long as people continue to purchase these stories.

How you can get involved

Set some money aside for future novellas. They cost less than $10 because I want everyone to be able to afford to contribute, but if you want to buy more than one copy for your friends and family, you are more than welcome to do that. The more copies you buy, the more money we can give to those who really need the support.

Join our Facebook group for updates and more discussion about The Novella Concept and the causes we’re supporting through this effort.

TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW about The Novella Concept. Getting the word out is probably the best thing you can do to help us out right now. The more people that know about this opportunity, whether they want to write too or just want to support these causes, the more of a difference we can make together.

Thank you so much to those who have already donated and supported this idea. My hope is that we will be able to grow a little more each month and really show how powerful words can be.

If you have any questions about The Novella Concept, I will be more than happy to answer them.

Happy writing!

Love&hugs, Meg<3

Image courtesy of Project HEAL.