Gilmore Girls Is Over. Move On. [SPOILER-FREE]

This was an ending, from the beginning.

gilmore girls

Having been only 8 years old when Gilmore Girls first premiered in 2000, I didn’t first watch the series until a few years after it ended. I still consider myself a huge fan – I relate to many of the characters more than I’m willing to admit. I’ve watched the series in its entirety at least twice (that’s a lot of hours of TV, and this was pre-Netflix). I was looking forward to Netflix’s ‘revival.’ The series creator didn’t have the chance to end the show the way she wanted back then, and as soon as I learned she was finally getting the chance to give the show the ending she dreamed of, I was on board.

I’m not the biggest fan of things ‘coming back.’ I believe an ending is an ending, and that people get way too attached to stories, begging for more when there isn’t more to tell. So I was a little hesitant to hop on the Excited Train. The first trailer was enough to make me feel OK about it. And then there are the Last Four Words, which made me excited not for myself, but for Amy Sherman-Palladino (creator). Any creator who loses control of her story, especially in its final season, I’m going to support them when they get their rightful ending, no matter who it is.

I watched all four episodes (more like mini-movies – each over an hour long, the final almost two) on Friday. I watched them alone. I cried during most of the last half of the experience. Because I don’t let hypes inflate my expectations, I went in with none – and those episodes ended up being everything I had hoped for – nothing more; nothing less. I felt closure. I felt complete. And when those Last Four Words hit, I felt HAPPY, and SATISFIED, and I turned Netflix off, and other than two blog posts in a row related to the subject (sorry), I moved on.

I expected people to feel the same way I did. People don’t. There are people who are disappointed. Upset, even. Worst of all, they don’t like the fact that it’s over. They want more.

Again, I have to advocate for the writers and creators of the world here … IT ENDED. They’re not called the Last Four Words for nothing. The story has a definite end, in the sense that many loose ends are tied up, and there’s one thing that isn’t – ON PURPOSE. I can’t get into details because I really don’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t gotten around to watching yet. But people are completely missing the point. It was supposed to end this way. It always was. And the fact that it didn’t happen until 9 years after the fact actually worked out in its favor, in my opinion.

I can’t stand people who keep asking for more. There isn’t any more. The creators aren’t going to give you more. If you weren’t satisfied with what you were given, I don’t think you came into this with the right mindset. This is not something that was ever meant to expand. This was an ending, from the beginning. As always, blogs and news outlets gave you pretty good reason to have the wrong expectations going in.

This was not Gilmore Girls the way you remember it. This was a tribute to what should have been, 9 years later. Things change in 9 years. Characters change. Even writers and directors change. YOU have changed. Why … why do you want more of something that shouldn’t have even happened? I loved the revival. I loved the closure. But in many ways, this was a four-part series trying to exist 9 years in the past while keeping up with the times. It needs to be put to rest. It’s done. It got the ending it deserved – and maybe you don’t agree with that, but that’s because you’re not looking at the whole picture. I think a lot of people expected this to be … a new show, in a way? No. That’s not what this was for.

Let it be done. This happens with TV shows and movie franchises and books all the time. When the creator says it’s done, it really needs to be done. We just know, deep down, when we’ve told all of a story that needs telling. In our minds, Rory’s future will play out – but we don’t need someone else to tell us how that goes. Use your imaginations. Is that so hard?

Gilmore Girls is over. I would be both surprised and upset if there was more. More would ruin it. More would be going too far. The story has been told, it’s not going to change just because you’re on Facebook whining about it. I’m sorry you got your hopes up, but I don’t know what you expected. It’s HARD to return to something you did nine years ago, for the writers, directors and actors alike. You’re being selfish, really. Be grateful you got anything at all in terms of closure. It’s done. Move on. You can do it.

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An Oscar Disappointment

I am very sad that I was unable to watch the Oscars last night like I had hoped. Of all the nights that the campus TVs could have decided to rebel against a vast array of bored college students, it had to be last night.

At least Gilmore Girls just so happens to be 85% of my DVD collection. Thank you.

At this time next week, I will most likely be sleeping. At least, I’ll be in my own bed at home with no vacuums or loud neighbors or stress to wake me up.

This week will be conquered.

Love&hugs, Meg<3

The Morning After the Morning After

Eleven hours of sleep and I feel the same way I did when I went to bed. Go figure.

As they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Or tired…really tired. I couldn’t even get myself to read one of the many books I have left to conquer before August 19th, when school starts up again. Whenever I tried, that thing happened where I’d lay my head back on my pillow and my eyes would close and I would start to dream about dancing birthday cake. I just couldn’t risk napping—napping during the day throws off your whole sleeping schedule, you know. Don’t do it, even if you’ve only slept for three of the past 36 hours. Just don’t.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing much tanning this afternoon. It rained and thunderstormed last night, and now the sky is all grey and cloudy and kind of dark. I would say that it meant I had an entire day to work on my book, and such things as those, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. We’ll see.

I don’t know why I’m so discouraged lately when I’ve thought about my novel. I still plan to finish it, and I’m really excited for the day when I get to type the news out to you in big letters LIKE THIS. But I’m just so tired and worn-out and needing a vacation that I haven’t been able to get myself to sit down and write. I hope I can write four-thousand words in the next three days, and the satisfaction would be endless, but I’m just not sure. Maybe if there simply isn’t anything else to do.

Unfortunately, I missed the new episode of Secret Life because of the Operation Monday night. At first, I’ll admit I was kind of completely bummed that I would miss it, since I’d never missed an episode before. Then I figured out that I could still watch it here, and I wasn’t bummed anymore. I really am hooked to the storyline. Not as much as Gilmore Girls, but that’s been over for two years now. It’s all about the new.

Yesterday, in my state of extreme exhaustion, I played board games with my ten-year-old brother. I’m not going to lie: it was pretty awesome. Until he beat me in Sorry, I mean. (That’s an awesome game.) Then he beat me in Monopoly, which just wasn’t fair. He spent all of his money on a hotel to put on Boardwalk and I landed on it. I didn’t have $2,000, so I lost. Go figure. (You would think I would’ve learned something from sitting in an Economics class for the past six weeks. Nada.)

Have a great….Wednesday? Is it Wednesday already? Well, have a great Wednesday, and remember: honesty is almost always the best policy. Exceptions are left up to your own imagination.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

An Update

No need to panic! I have returned.

I know it seems as if, since a week ago, I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth. Maybe I did. But I’m back, and you can stop pacing back-and-forth in your offices or bedrooms or even your bathrooms. (I don’t know where you are when you read my blog! Don’t judge me!) I have plenty to tell you, and I promise I won’t put you to sleep while doing it.

I’m finally done with school for 3.5 weeks, and this is the first Monday I’ve been able to sleep in since the first week in June. Honors economics was what I would call…..”tolerable.” (That’s an understatement, by the way. The real word I would prefer to use for the class is inappropriate and should be left up to your imagination.) I was more than happy to turn in my final and scoot my backside out of there. I don’t even care what my grade will turn out to be, really. I’m just glad to have my life (and sanity!) back.

As you probably know by now, my birthday was last Tuesday. I got an amazing shirt, which I totally want to wear today just because I’ve fallen in love with its vibrant colors, a note telling me my padres were buying me an iPhone (I just got it yesterday! Did you know the 8-Gig is only like $99 now?), and…get ready for this one…two more seasons (4&5) of Gilmore Girls!


I also got two books, three more journals to write in when I use up my others, pens (one of them being a purple pen that writes in black ink…traitor), and lots of chocolate birthday cupcakes. Though I got to see Colleen and spent most of the afternoon watching the first disk of season 4, it was kind of ruined by the fact that I knew I should be doing homework…which I didn’t do, because it was my birthday.

The last few days of school were kind of suckish. But once I was done and out of there, all was good. I spent Friday basking in the freedom. I cleared an entire shelf in my room to add more books, creating my own Great Library, in a way. While I’ve been struggling to write this past week, I’ve fallen in love with books. Not a bad thing, I guess, but not as productive as writing a novel.

Speaking of Reminiscence, there isn’t much to report JulNoWriMo-wise. I just checked the ranks and learned I’m ranked number 29 in the statistics. I took this past week off of working on it, since doing so during class became difficult and distracting. But I plan to get some work done on it today, am at 57,000 words, and hope to get in my 61,000 before Friday, which is the last day to enter word counts before JulNo is over. I hope to finish the book before school starts up again.

I also, before I go back to school, plan to finish reading the stack of unread books on my night stand. Once school starts, I’m determined to focus solely on my schoolwork during the week. I hate it when books pile up, and i don’t put them on my shelves until I’ve read them.

I didn’t get much reading done yesterday, which kind of bummed me out but was also acceptable. I churched in the morning, which was a little rough at start but turned out just fine. Worship practice later in the morning was acoustic and amazing (thanks Matt!). I played around with my iPhone and had some of the girls over to hang out and celebrate Kelli’s birthday. But mostly I played with my iPhone.

Once I get the Internet connection to work on this thing, I’m going to try doing my blogs from my phone. It’s new and a bit more challenging, and it might be fun. Plus, it would mean I wouldn’t even have to get out of bed to do it, so when I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep, I could write to you. See, there are advantages to turning seventeen.

Have a great Monday! Today is the best one I’ve had so far in six or so weeks.

Remember: don’t eat toothpaste after dark.

Love&hugs, Meg