Top 10 Reasons Why Weekends Are “The Bomb”

  1. Today, I’m going to see The Vow and prepare to become extremely angry at whoever turned my novel into a movie without asking my permission.
  2. Today, I’m going to make it through another chemistry lecture, which means there will be one less chemistry lecture that will increase my already likely chances of developing carpel tunnel.
  3. Today, I’m going to stay up late and it won’t matter because I have nowhere to go tomorrow.
  4. Today, I’m going to stalk possible incoming freshman. For a purpose.
  5. Tomorrow, I’ll have time to run.
  6. Tomorrow, I’ll have time to catch up on homework.
  7. Tomorrow, I’ll force myself to work on my exegesis.
  8. Sunday, I can sleep in.
  9. Sunday, I get to go to church!
  10. Sunday, I get to watch the Oscars.