Sleep Deprivation

Tuesday has arrived, and I’m a happy camper.

Yesterday was pretty much an amazing day, just as I’d hoped it would be. I only woke up at eight because my brother sneezed on the other side of the wall. I wasn’t angry, though it would have been the perfect opportunity to be. My dreams weren’t any good. I was fine with starting my day.

Go figure, the only reason I couldn’t get my phone connected to the Internet was because it needed to reset. All I had to do was turn it off and then on again. I was then able to download the oh-so-glorious Facebook app, which almost made my day.

I also downloaded the wonderful WordPress app, which is how I’m writing to you today. (Thats right! I can now work on my tan and write at the same time.)

I was very content to sit at the pool for four hours yesterday. It didn’t start out perfect, since all the chairs were full when we got there. But we waited, or maybe it was the way I batted my eyelashes at that lifeguard, and two chairs opened up. So I ended up getting my tan on after all. And I refrained from burning. Yay!

I’m going on about three hours of sleep right now. I didn’t know it was possible to be this tired. Yawn…I’ll try to further satisfy your entertainment needs as best as I can. That’s what Operations (my friends’ and my ultra slumber parties)4 do to you, though. They keep you awake for extended periods of time after consuming too much sparkling grape juice in one sitting.

I have to say, I’m disappointed with Kelligasm (name of Operation)’s final picture count. We’re known for taking hundreds and hundreds of pictures at these things. I’d be surprised if we reached 100. I haven’t dared to look yet. It’s just one of those unwritten rules we have, like the one where we have to take a picture of everyone’s feet together (I call them “foot pictures”). Now that I think about it, we didn’t do that either. Oh well.

We did, however, stay up until five in the morning talking girl-talk. That was an event to remember. So was the mini golf. And the cake.

If it rains today, I promise I’ll work on my novel for JulNo. I don’t have much time left.

Have a great one, and remember: don’t forget to smile when the cameras are flashing.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

An Update

No need to panic! I have returned.

I know it seems as if, since a week ago, I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth. Maybe I did. But I’m back, and you can stop pacing back-and-forth in your offices or bedrooms or even your bathrooms. (I don’t know where you are when you read my blog! Don’t judge me!) I have plenty to tell you, and I promise I won’t put you to sleep while doing it.

I’m finally done with school for 3.5 weeks, and this is the first Monday I’ve been able to sleep in since the first week in June. Honors economics was what I would call…..”tolerable.” (That’s an understatement, by the way. The real word I would prefer to use for the class is inappropriate and should be left up to your imagination.) I was more than happy to turn in my final and scoot my backside out of there. I don’t even care what my grade will turn out to be, really. I’m just glad to have my life (and sanity!) back.

As you probably know by now, my birthday was last Tuesday. I got an amazing shirt, which I totally want to wear today just because I’ve fallen in love with its vibrant colors, a note telling me my padres were buying me an iPhone (I just got it yesterday! Did you know the 8-Gig is only like $99 now?), and…get ready for this one…two more seasons (4&5) of Gilmore Girls!


I also got two books, three more journals to write in when I use up my others, pens (one of them being a purple pen that writes in black ink…traitor), and lots of chocolate birthday cupcakes. Though I got to see Colleen and spent most of the afternoon watching the first disk of season 4, it was kind of ruined by the fact that I knew I should be doing homework…which I didn’t do, because it was my birthday.

The last few days of school were kind of suckish. But once I was done and out of there, all was good. I spent Friday basking in the freedom. I cleared an entire shelf in my room to add more books, creating my own Great Library, in a way. While I’ve been struggling to write this past week, I’ve fallen in love with books. Not a bad thing, I guess, but not as productive as writing a novel.

Speaking of Reminiscence, there isn’t much to report JulNoWriMo-wise. I just checked the ranks and learned I’m ranked number 29 in the statistics. I took this past week off of working on it, since doing so during class became difficult and distracting. But I plan to get some work done on it today, am at 57,000 words, and hope to get in my 61,000 before Friday, which is the last day to enter word counts before JulNo is over. I hope to finish the book before school starts up again.

I also, before I go back to school, plan to finish reading the stack of unread books on my night stand. Once school starts, I’m determined to focus solely on my schoolwork during the week. I hate it when books pile up, and i don’t put them on my shelves until I’ve read them.

I didn’t get much reading done yesterday, which kind of bummed me out but was also acceptable. I churched in the morning, which was a little rough at start but turned out just fine. Worship practice later in the morning was acoustic and amazing (thanks Matt!). I played around with my iPhone and had some of the girls over to hang out and celebrate Kelli’s birthday. But mostly I played with my iPhone.

Once I get the Internet connection to work on this thing, I’m going to try doing my blogs from my phone. It’s new and a bit more challenging, and it might be fun. Plus, it would mean I wouldn’t even have to get out of bed to do it, so when I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep, I could write to you. See, there are advantages to turning seventeen.

Have a great Monday! Today is the best one I’ve had so far in six or so weeks.

Remember: don’t eat toothpaste after dark.

Love&hugs, Meg