Blog Frenzy – Day 18: Mission Accomplished

Final word count: 80,309. Final chapter count: 34. Final page count (8.5×11, 12-point Tmes New Roman font, double-spaced): 243. But it’s not about the length: it’s about the content.

And honestly, I’m going to admit that I’m not completely satisfied with the last chapter, and think I may have rushed through it a little bit. I feel like the story’s whole purpose wasn’t even addressed in the final moments of Melanie’s narration. But I have a thousand other things to do, and if and when there comes a time when I find myself bored and looking for a task, I will go back and add in what I must. But if I don’t get these essays done and proofed, I’m not going to college. And that’s a problem.

I won’t start the next book, Mirror Image, until after finals. Because finals are the end of May’s craziness. We won’t even think about the ACT in June just yet. Because first (obviously) comes these last seven scholarships, which I am determined to get out this week, even though they’re not due until April 30th (and one due on May 7th). I need to get them off of my floor, out of my head, and into the hands of the nice people who should continue being nice and give me some money.

I think AP tests are next. That should be fun to study for, right? Wrong. Career research presentation. NHS induction ceremony (at which I finally get my cords, thank you very much), some wrap-up thing for Tri-M I’m sure they’re going to schedule without my consent, voice recital, and finals. And you would think I could do it all, and I will, but something’s going to have to go. Thankfully, it won’t be this novel. Because I’m finished. Maybe I’ll just have to give up sleeping. Because I also have to pull my two B’s up to A’s before the end of the semester, or all my hopes and dreams of starting GPA fresh will be worthless.

I can’t stop posting daily blogs until April is over, because I’m challenging myself to do twelve more days of constantly boring you with my boring life. But I can’t promise another Frenzy next month, because my life is on the line here. I really shouldn’t have spent all this time writing an 80,000 word novel, yet I did. So it’s time to play catch-up, and nobody’s going to help me. I’m on my own, here.

If I tried to make a list of all the things I have to get done when we get back from church, I might explode, and you might explode, and this ongoing theme of people exploding is really starting to worry me a little. So I’m just going to go spend some time with Jesus, and then I’m going to come home. And when I come home, I won’t just think about all the stuff I have to do, I’m going to do it. Starting with writing all these essays about how awesome I am. Why do they make us talk about ourselves like we’re royalty? I don’t get it.

Also, I’m not that awesome. Ask anyone.

Love&hugs, Meg♥


I’m so tired. I haven’t been sleeping very wel lately. I keep thinking about my novel, and how addicted to it I am. I’ve written almost 26,000 words in a week and a day. I also have a biology test tomorrow, and you know by now how that goes. I have no time to be writing this. I don’t even know what I’m doing. Honestly, I have pictures of bacteria floating around in my head.

I wrote about five thousand words yesterday. That’s way too many, for all the things I have to do. Oh well. It’ll pay off in the long run, at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself since last week.

Spring break. Almost here. Need. Break. Muffins?

Love&hugs, Meg♥

10 Reasons Why Today Made Me Sad

  1. Math quiz (returned)
  2. A lack of breakfast
  3. Sleep deprivation
  4. A barely organized biology binder
  5. Having studied until 3am (again)
  6. A lack of a plethora of views on this blog
  7. PowerPoint being stupid
  8. Webcam microphones not being plugged in
  9. A lack of SOMEONE texting me back AGAIN
  10. The fact that it’s not over yet.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

How Much You Miss

Do you realize how much you miss when you turn your lights off and scamper off into dreamland? Guys, you miss a lot. Trust me on this one, okay?

It’s a quarter after three at the moment. In the morning. What am I doing? Several things, actually. I’m typing to you via iPhone. That’s pretty fun. I’m also studying biology. I won’t try to probe that one to you: you’d probably get bored hearing me blabber on about Gregor Mendel.

In the time I have remained awake and alert of my surroundings, I have realized that sleep is overrated. How else are we supposed to get everything on our list done, other than staying up late to do it? Exactly my point.

At least I know I’m going to ace this test. And now I’ll have more time to write that song in my head.

Love&hugs, Meg<3

The Morning After the Morning After

Eleven hours of sleep and I feel the same way I did when I went to bed. Go figure.

As they say, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Or tired…really tired. I couldn’t even get myself to read one of the many books I have left to conquer before August 19th, when school starts up again. Whenever I tried, that thing happened where I’d lay my head back on my pillow and my eyes would close and I would start to dream about dancing birthday cake. I just couldn’t risk napping—napping during the day throws off your whole sleeping schedule, you know. Don’t do it, even if you’ve only slept for three of the past 36 hours. Just don’t.

It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing much tanning this afternoon. It rained and thunderstormed last night, and now the sky is all grey and cloudy and kind of dark. I would say that it meant I had an entire day to work on my book, and such things as those, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. We’ll see.

I don’t know why I’m so discouraged lately when I’ve thought about my novel. I still plan to finish it, and I’m really excited for the day when I get to type the news out to you in big letters LIKE THIS. But I’m just so tired and worn-out and needing a vacation that I haven’t been able to get myself to sit down and write. I hope I can write four-thousand words in the next three days, and the satisfaction would be endless, but I’m just not sure. Maybe if there simply isn’t anything else to do.

Unfortunately, I missed the new episode of Secret Life because of the Operation Monday night. At first, I’ll admit I was kind of completely bummed that I would miss it, since I’d never missed an episode before. Then I figured out that I could still watch it here, and I wasn’t bummed anymore. I really am hooked to the storyline. Not as much as Gilmore Girls, but that’s been over for two years now. It’s all about the new.

Yesterday, in my state of extreme exhaustion, I played board games with my ten-year-old brother. I’m not going to lie: it was pretty awesome. Until he beat me in Sorry, I mean. (That’s an awesome game.) Then he beat me in Monopoly, which just wasn’t fair. He spent all of his money on a hotel to put on Boardwalk and I landed on it. I didn’t have $2,000, so I lost. Go figure. (You would think I would’ve learned something from sitting in an Economics class for the past six weeks. Nada.)

Have a great….Wednesday? Is it Wednesday already? Well, have a great Wednesday, and remember: honesty is almost always the best policy. Exceptions are left up to your own imagination.

Love&hugs, Meg♥