Tales of a Highly Caffeinated JulNoWriMo Enthusiast – Day 25

I am in dire need of a miniature study break. So ironically enough, I will now proceed to write about how I have not written today.

I think I’m a lot more mentally and physically worn out today than I was a week ago. I’m close enough to finishing these last two classes that my brain has already started to migrate into vacation mode, to which my only response is, “Dude, calm down, I still need you.”

I need to make a character diagram so I can figure out all the connections each one has to the other as I continue to plow through this month’s novel. If I don’t get to writing tonight after my test (which I probably won’t, since real people are much more fun than pretend ones) I’m going to have to play a little catch-up tomorrow. If it rains, that won’t be a problem. I could easily get out 5,000 words with no other distractions. I just need to figure out if I want Tiffany’s boyfriend and Maddie’s ex to have any connections. Probably. They’re both jerks.

Time is not my friend this week. I feel like I’m moving in slow motion and the rest of the world is on hyperdrive. Not good.

Love&hugs, Meg<3