Blog Frenzy – Day 20

The funny thing about going back to your high school after you’ve “graduated” is how much more attention you get when you’re walking down the hallways than you did when you were actually going to school there. I got stopped by a security guard, two old choirmates, two teachers, and my guidance counselor—who just wanted to say “hey.” Well, thanks for the attention, but I’m on a mission. Let’s go back and time and do this when my mom isn’t waiting in the parking lot. How about three years ago? That would work just fine.

I did, however, get my giant scholarship packet turned in, as well as the letter of recommendation I need for this next scholarship due April 30th. I didn’t get as much done on them as I wanted to yesterday, so I’m either going to have to finish them today (during the time I blocked out for them in my wonderful schedule of schedule-ness) or wait until after my biology test is over. Because I shouldn’t even be doing this right now. I should be studying for my biology test. Yikes, I’m behind!

This is the main reason why I shouldn’t have focused so much of my attention on my novel the past five weeks. Don’t get me wrong: I’m glad I wrote it. It’s a decent story, one I would have driven myself crazy with if I didn’t get everything written down so fast. But I’m so behind on my schoolwork now that I’m going to be spending the next three days with my phone off, and most likely my computer too—after I’m done sharing my depressing life story with you—just so I can get the A I need on this test. I didn’t do as well on my comm quiz yesterday as I would have liked (7 out of 9 converrted to 25 points? Good luck with that). So I really need to buckle down these next four weeks.

In addition to my AP tests, which I’m going to fail if I don’t go by the $25 prep book I need. Even though I would love for my mother to pay for it, since she’s the one who’s making me take them. But no. I’m supposed to use my $20 Border’s card instead, and she’ll chip in the last $5. Wonderful. I guess Pendragon is going to have to wait.

I’m on a slightly-not-as-tight-as-yesterday-but-still-excessively-structured schedule from now until I go to sleep (at 10:30) so I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow, after I’ve completely lost my mind. Unless that’s already happened. Then I’d appreciate it if you would let me know ASAP. Maybe they’ll give me a scholarship for that.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

Blog Frenzy – Day 19

The good news is, I’m almost free.

And by free, I mean free of all these stupid scholarships. Because I kicked myself about a thousand times yesterday, wrote those essays, and filled out the right forms. And once I make an out-of-the-way trip back to high school today, I’ll be that much closer to being finished with all of them. Not counting the stuff I’m turning in later, I have exactly two left. One of the reasons I’m making this trip is to pick up one last letter of rec. Finally.

Don’t get me wrong: I still really hate talking about myself. And writing about myself. Seriously, why can’t someone else to it? There are plenty of people I know who probably know me better than I know myself. And they probably wouldn’t be so shy to point out how awesome they think I am. Even though I’m not. But that’s not the point. The point is that it isn’t really fair that they have to go and make this process so long and difficult. Just give me money! Why do I have to suffer just to get a good education?

This week is going to be spent catching up on biology and math. And studying for my test. I also have to start doing research for my career speech next month, because I want to have that thing written at least two weeks in advance. I got a ton of points taken off last speech because of my delivery, which was because I didn’t prepare nearly enough. No, I did not write it the night before. We’re changing the subject now.

I actually woke up when my alarm went off. On a Monday morning. Normally, this doesn’t happen. But it’s not even seven thirty, and I already have a load of laundry in, am getting ready to study for my quiz later today, and I’ve written out a tightly blocked schedule on note cards to ensure that I get everything done and more that I need to before bedtime.

I’m not crazy. Just making up for lost time.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

Blog Frenzy – Pre-post

In honor of Script Frenzy (which I will not be participating in, due to the fact that I barely have time for anything without the addition of writing a screenplay), I have decided to participate in a challenge of my own over the course of April, called Blog Frenzy.

It’s not that exciting, I promise. I’m just giving myself a reason to blog every single day for an entire month. Which is going to be difficult, since I’m currently not getting all A’s like I kinda/sorta need to be. I’m also 35,000 words into a novel, filling out scholarships (Satan’s idea, I swear), and slowly but truly getting ready for my two AP English tests in May. Did I mention I’m also turning in two honor societies’ worth of hours this month, and celebrating Easter and a birthday, and doing five million otherr things I don’t even have time to list?

The fun of challenges like NaNoWriMo, Script Frenzy, and the completely non-existant everywhere but my mind Blog Frenzy is that you have to learn how to balance everything. You have to learn how to balance grades and writing and all the other fun stuff that comes along with living. Which is why I’m doing this. I need some sort of motivation to do SOMETHING. And really, the more I have to do, the more I end up getting done. See how that works?

Today I have to jump through hoops to survive comm and voice lessons (which I still haven’t practiced for—fantastic), finish Chapter 17 (working on it), pick out which outfit I’m going to wear on Sunday, start packing, fill out more scholarships, try to set up a meeting with my NHS sponsor even though he’s on break, clean my room (again) and figure out how to motivate myself. So let’s do this!

See y’all in April. And, I promise: this is no joke.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

Changed My Mind

I was going to take some time to put together a list of my favorite quotes, after watching this video and becoming overly inspired to do so. But I decided that I have too many other things I absolutely have to get done today, and blogging isn’t really one of them. So this is extra, just for you, even though it seems like all you care about lately is Simba. I’m in the dark here, guys.

I’m finally mailing four scholarships today. It’s a really good feeling to get them out of here. Honestly, I hate filling out scholarships more than I hate doing math. And I really don’t enjoy doing math most of the time. That leaves four more to send off before the end of April, not including the ones the guidance office just sent me. That was nice of them. I mean, I guess.

I finally got some writing done yesterday, though I’m still not quite finished with chapter sixteen. I’m aiming for 35,000 words before I leave sometime on Friday (gotta love the early April holidays), and I’m happy to say that I’m almost there. 31,588, to be exact. And no, I did not just go check.

There are post-it notes stuck to the edges of my monitor. They’re my to-do post-its. When I finish the task written on them, I get to peel them off, thus erasing the task from my mind. I think I’m going to drive myself insane if they’re up there much longer. They’re green and obnoxious and staring at me. Stop it!

Which means I should probably get some of this work done. A few surprises up my sleeve for tomorrow’s post. Be prepared.

Love&hugs, Meg♥

The Monday After

Well, it’s back to reality. Back to studying and homework and the etcetera. That break flew by much quicker than I would have liked. It would have been nice to have one day in which I didn’t leave the house, when I stayed in my PJs all day and Zoo Tycoon’d my way through life. But I guess there are times to sit on your butt and times to be responsible.

I like sitting on my butt a whole lot better 70% of the time.

My goal is to get up to 35,000 words on my novel this week. I have a whole list of things I have to get done, actually. Let’s see if I actually do, hm?

Love&hugs, Meg♥


It seems that in my life one thing tends to dominate over everything else at a time. I’m not very good at multi-tasking (unless we’re talking about singing in the shower, writing novels during biology, or talking on the phone while sitting) so it sort of makes sense that my life is now being dominated by scholarship applications/essays/letters/deadlines/etc. My last one is due May 7th, but if I can get them all in within the next couple weeks, I’ll be free! Of scholarships, I mean. Then it’s back to schoolwork, honor society hours, AP tests, the ACT, and the etcetera. See? One thing at a time.

You’re wondering about my novel. Well, I can honestly say it’s going to get moving again sometime very soon. I have four scholarships due this coming week. But once those are in and I catch up on school, I’ll be able to make time for novelage again. Many promises.

Off to write more essays. Until tomorrow…

Love&hugs, Meg♥


I’m so tired. I haven’t been sleeping very wel lately. I keep thinking about my novel, and how addicted to it I am. I’ve written almost 26,000 words in a week and a day. I also have a biology test tomorrow, and you know by now how that goes. I have no time to be writing this. I don’t even know what I’m doing. Honestly, I have pictures of bacteria floating around in my head.

I wrote about five thousand words yesterday. That’s way too many, for all the things I have to do. Oh well. It’ll pay off in the long run, at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself since last week.

Spring break. Almost here. Need. Break. Muffins?

Love&hugs, Meg♥

ABC Family & Novelage

Last night’s Secret Life episode blew my mind. Honestly, I didn’t even see that coming. And it raises a ton of questions. I mean, if it’s not just a pregnancy scare, what the heck is Adrian going to do? And Ben? And what about her parents? I’m not sure how well her dad’s going to take that. But maybe this’ll give she and Amy a chance to actually be actual friends. Maybe she’ll finally get over Ricky. Speaking of which, I’m so glad he got his way. Amy was getting on my nerves about wanting John for herself. Also, if she IS pregnant, that should make Madison and Laurren think twice about their post-wedding plans. We hope.

My speech is finally over, and that’s all I’m really going to say about it. I didn’t go well; I was really shaken up and forgot a few citations. And it might have been slightly under the time limit. That’s what I get for having a temporary obsession with Make It or Break It, since I spent all of Saturday watching season 1 on Hulu. Kind of pathetic, right? Yeah. Completely.

So the only thing left before break, the last hurdle to jump over, is my Unit III biology test. I still have so much to do to prepare for it. I also have some math to catch up on, so I can get away with working on my novel while we go over example problems. Speaking of my novel, it’s really taking off. I’m glad that I was brave enough to hold off on the story that wasn’t working and let this one come out. I really like it.

Melanie was the antagonist in the last book, my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel. She was the mean-spirited, blonde, beauty-queen cheerleader that the main character (Anna) couldn’t stand. Really, it wasn’t because she couldn’t stand her, but because she couldn’t understand her. No one could, really. The book ended with her completely setting out to destroy (and succeeding in destroying) Jenny’s social life. At the start of this new book, one I have yet to title, Melanie is the new leader of the pack.

The story is told from her eyes, seeing the world through her conflicted viewpoints. She wants to follow the rules and continue to oversee her clique, but she also wants very desperately to pull away from it. The problem is, she doesn’t exactly know how to. She’s so stuck in her ways, so set on the rules that were drilled into her head as a freshman, that she can’t. She’s stuck in her place. Isn’t that what she wants?

Everyone has a backstory: even the mean ones. Even Melanie.

17,200 words in less than a week. Fun times.

Love&hugs, Meg♥