Tales of a Highly Caffeinated JulNoWriMo Enthusiast – Day 31




My final word count for July 2013: 50,138. Through tears, through sweat, through aching wrists and a few questionable test grades, I did not give up. I did not throw in the figurative towel. I did not quit. For the fifth consecutive year in a row, I can look procrastination in the face and say, “Hey. We make a pretty good team. But I’m still better than you.”

It’s true. 10,000 words in two days is a lot to type out.

julnowrimo winner


(I feel very sorry for the guy with the bronze trophy. He does not look like he’s having a good day.)

I cranked out 5,000 words yesterday and another 5,000 today, which is something I do not recommend to anyone with a life outside their novel (a.k.a., 99 percent of all writers everywhere). I was spitting out a lot of flashback dialogue by the end, which I was trying to avoid, but hey – maybe it will come in handy later on.

Most of the last 10,000 words I’ve written are focused on Brittany and Melody’s relationship. I was not originally planning to go this route. I never wanted the reader to be able to look into Melody’s POV or to be able to see her flashbacks. But as I thought more about her story, I realized how important she is to both Brittany and Ally’s stories. The ways these characters are connected is really starting to freak me out. Dale is going to give Greg a promotion at work, which will believe it or not put a strain on Amanda’s marriage, which will in some bizarre way affect Maddie, which will in turn affect pretty much everyone else.

As my find dove into flashback mode, I found myself exploring Brittany and Ally’s relationship as well, which really adds a lot to the reasons behind their big fight earlier in the book (I have absolutely not been writing in order. I have written the beginning and a lot of the end. Interesting, but it’s working). As much as I do try to stay away from flashbacks, I’m finding more and more that they just work in my books. I don’t think a lot of my stories could exist without them. I don’t know how I feel about that, but in life, there are just some things you can’t change.

This is the first novel in several years of WriMos that I am seriously considering continuation on after the month of writing insanity ends. I’ve been very attached to these stories since I tried my hand at TV script writing a few years ago, and I can’t seem to let them go. In fact, the more time passes, the more each subplot of the show develops into something greater than the original pilot episode of the show ever showed potential of. That scares me, too. It really does.

The biggest issue I’m having with this story (the show was called “Disorderly,” but I have yet to decide if that’s what the name of the book will be) is the fact that it started out in my head as a drama series. I have an entire season plotted out on a document hidden away somewhere on my hard drive – that’s a lot of story to sift through. And I can’t fit it all into one book. No way.

The other problem? The book I’m working on now, all 50,138 words of it, hasn’t even covered all of the pilot episode yet.

So what, as a writer, can be done in a dilemma like this?

The answer: just keep writing. The rest comes later. For now, just write.

Tomorrow, summer begins for me (again). Writing will be a lovely way to spend these last three weeks at home before heading back to school for “real life” endeavors.

Bring it on, brain. Bring it on.

Thank you to all who have stuck with me through this month. I hope that even after JulNoWriMo comes to an official end, you will continue to check up on my writing progress. All I can do is update, probably quite periodically. Whether you choose to keep coming back is, well, up to you.

I hope you choose to return. It has been a pleasure entertaining (or boring) you over the past 31 days of crazy.

The life of a writer, it seems, is hardly much beyond the choice to be something other than what others might consider sane.

Love&hugs, Meg<3

Tales of a Highly Caffeinated JulNoWriMo Enthusiast – Day 30




This box represents a vast number of things in my life right now. It represents the celebratory act of opening a meaningful treasure as a reward for finishing finals on Thursday night. It represents simultaneously the celebratory attitude I will already have due to having reached a 50,000 word goal by tomorrow at midnight. And it represents the idea of waiting – waiting for school to end, for a break, and then for it all to start back up again.

I am currently “stuck” at a little over 40,000 words, but the 10,000-word gap does not frighten me too much. If I can crank out 5,000 words today and another 5,000 tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be good to go. Where will the motivation come from, you ask? Many things: love of the story, adoration of the characters and my bucket list, of course.

It says I want to win five consecutive JulNoWriMos. And this will be my fifth. Just in case you were wondering.

Will it be tough? Yes. I will have to give up my much-appreciated relaxing time and probably some sleep, too. But personally I think it’s worth every sacrifice, to be able to enter that last word count and have my screen name in bold on the stats page. It’s always worth it. I just don’t think it has ever been as worth it as it will be this summer.

Despite all I’ve done my best to take on, tackle and conquer in the past few months, this has remained toward the top of my priority list. It’s not my greatest priority, of course – I have school to think about, plus an internship (and now an editor boot camp – talk about overloaded finals week!). And then there’s, you know, family and friends and cats who meow consistently for attention at the most inconvenient times.



Will finishing this goal be easy? No. Is writing a novel easy? NO! Neither is being in college or being a good friend or even just trying to make in this world as a writer in general.

If life were easy, we would never in a million years strive to accomplish as much as we do now.

Love&hugs, Meg<3

Tales of a Highly Caffeinated JulNoWriMo Enthusiast – Day 29

10 Reasons Why a Day Without Writing is Okay

  1. It gives you more time to think about your story.
  2. Your characters might come up with a few good ideas while you’re on hiatus.
  3. Sometimes you just have to sleep on it….all day.
  4. Shockingly, coffee can’t fix everything.
  5. Your best writing comes after a short break.
  6. Writing every day would get boring.
  7. Sometimes you just can’t do it.
  8. But tomorrow will be different.
  9. And tonight you’ll have a really weird dream that will spark a completely new subplot you never would have thought of otherwise.
  10. You might decide taking breaks is much more effective than taking none at all.

Love&hugs, Meg<3

Tales of a Highly Caffeinated JulNoWriMo Enthusiast – Day 28

After multiple consecutive days of lacking the physical and mental energy to write more than a few hundred words, I can happily announce that I have gone on a writing “splurge” and have reached 40,000 words after a nice quiet Sunday afternoon of having literally nothing to do other than, well, write.

My hands and wrists are not very happy with me after spending so much time typing on this laptop, but I’m sure after some ibuprofen and a decent break from typing I’ll be fine. This isn’t uncommon over the summer when I’m using my laptop a lot more to write for long periods of time. As long as I don’t overdo it I’ll be fine, but honestly, there are prices we have to pay for spending so much time writing. It’s worth it – at least I think it is. But others have called me crazy before, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if you thought the same thing. I won’t be offended. I promise.

It’s been a very strange weekend. I’m not home, I haven’t been spending as much time studying because of school almost being over, and I haven’t had my face crammed into a book (I loved The Host, but once it got to page 600, I had already counted multiple places the story could have ended. I liked the ending, don’t get me wrong. I almost would have been more satisfied if it would have ended a little earlier, though. I won’t give it away. I’m not that mean.

I finally got to work on a little bit of Dana’s and Tiffany’s sub-plots. I really like Dana’s, and feel extremely bad for her because of her brother being away and all. Her sister’s not too happy with her, either. Tiffany’s just a mess overall, but her love interest randomly decided to appear in the back of the library, so there ya go.

I’m in the process of using post-its to remind myself of all the weird character relationships going on right now. It’s getting a little crazy. I think Owen and Kevin know each other – but HOW??


I promise you, my characters never like the way things are going. They always change the story just a little on me.

I mean, it would be fine if they gave me a little warning first. But they don’t. All of a sudden someone will just show up out of nowhere, or some big secret I didn’t know about will come up in conversation. One benefit of writing: sometimes you’ll find you even have the capability to entertain yourself while you’re doing it. If you’re bored while you’re writing, your readers will be bored while they’re reading. No one wants that now do they?

I really need to give my poor hands a break. Ouch!

Love&hugs, Meg<3