A Letter to Everyone Who Has Ever Called Me “Shy”


If you know me – and I mean really know me, not just through email and social media – you know I’m quiet. Some might use the word “shy.” It doesn’t really fit though. Someone who is shy is afraid to speak. I’m not. I love talking. Ask me anything – I have a lot of words stored up.

If you grew up with me, went to school with me or have even just met me once or twice, you probably always wondered why the old “never speak unless spoken to” lifestyle was the one I chose. My co-workers probably wonder why my spoken words are few. Anyone who has ever interviewed me for an internship or job has probably felt awkward when I stop talking after answering a question about myself or something I’ve accomplished.

You have to understand: it is not because I do not like you, or because I have nothing to say. It is not because I am bored, disinterested or a snob. And it is most certainly not because I am “shy.”

No. There is a much better reason than these. Continue reading “A Letter to Everyone Who Has Ever Called Me “Shy””