Tales of a Highly Caffeinated JulNoWriMo Enthusiast – Day 28

After multiple consecutive days of lacking the physical and mental energy to write more than a few hundred words, I can happily announce that I have gone on a writing “splurge” and have reached 40,000 words after a nice quiet Sunday afternoon of having literally nothing to do other than, well, write.

My hands and wrists are not very happy with me after spending so much time typing on this laptop, but I’m sure after some ibuprofen and a decent break from typing I’ll be fine. This isn’t uncommon over the summer when I’m using my laptop a lot more to write for long periods of time. As long as I don’t overdo it I’ll be fine, but honestly, there are prices we have to pay for spending so much time writing. It’s worth it – at least I think it is. But others have called me crazy before, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if you thought the same thing. I won’t be offended. I promise.

It’s been a very strange weekend. I’m not home, I haven’t been spending as much time studying because of school almost being over, and I haven’t had my face crammed into a book (I loved The Host, but once it got to page 600, I had already counted multiple places the story could have ended. I liked the ending, don’t get me wrong. I almost would have been more satisfied if it would have ended a little earlier, though. I won’t give it away. I’m not that mean.

I finally got to work on a little bit of Dana’s and Tiffany’s sub-plots. I really like Dana’s, and feel extremely bad for her because of her brother being away and all. Her sister’s not too happy with her, either. Tiffany’s just a mess overall, but her love interest randomly decided to appear in the back of the library, so there ya go.

I’m in the process of using post-its to remind myself of all the weird character relationships going on right now. It’s getting a little crazy. I think Owen and Kevin know each other – but HOW??


I promise you, my characters never like the way things are going. They always change the story just a little on me.

I mean, it would be fine if they gave me a little warning first. But they don’t. All of a sudden someone will just show up out of nowhere, or some big secret I didn’t know about will come up in conversation. One benefit of writing: sometimes you’ll find you even have the capability to entertain yourself while you’re doing it. If you’re bored while you’re writing, your readers will be bored while they’re reading. No one wants that now do they?

I really need to give my poor hands a break. Ouch!

Love&hugs, Meg<3