I love when I’m in the middle of typing and my post disappears. Seriously, it’s like, the best thing ever. Convenient. Loving. Time-efficient.

I was going to talk about procrastination, and how I don’t procrastinate anymore, because procrastinating is for losers.

Ten Reasons Why I Don’t Procrastinate

  1. It hurts my feelings.
  2. My professors would notice.
  3. Tomorrow is just not far enough away.
  4. Under pressure, I am a jellyfish.
  5. High school. Bad memories. No.
  6. When I procrastinate, I end up on Facebook.
  7. Facebook was probably invented by a master procrastinator.
  8. I hate him.
  9. Donuts are evil; therefore, I will not allow myself to be distracted.
  10. Pants.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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