Things I Do Before 10 AM

I’ve gotten more done today before 10:00 than I normally would have expected. I did laundry. I spent time with Jesus. Oh, hey, I made some coffee. Wrote a journal. Wrote in my journal. Played Words with Friends. Yep, my mornings are very exciting.

I didn’t even start my homework until after 10 yesterday. I only have two more assignments due tomorrow that I have to finish (oops, I mean, start), but the good news is that I have the rest of the day to do them. I didn’t mean to put chemistry off until the last minute (again). It just always seems to happen that way, whether I intend for it to or not.

I’ve only had one mug full of coffee today, and for whatever reason, I just don’t feel like having any more. Maybe it’s too hot in here. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll run out of coffee creamer and have to go the rest of the week without a way to wake up in the morning.

Maybe I just need to calm down and have another cup of coffee. That’s what grocery stores are for, after all.

I have two articles to write today, in addition to my Community Nutrition case study and (ugh) finishing my chemistry homework. I’m not going to have a free weekend like this in a very long time. I might as well take advantage of the one I’ve found.


Love&hugs, Meg<3


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