Overachieved Escalation

It isn’t until weekends like this that I begin to understand how complicated my life has become since the school year began. Now that I’m home for a short weekend, I’m finally beginning to feel the effects of the never-ending stream of insanity that is my life as a double-major, over-involved, loves-absolutely-everything-everywhere 20-year-old junior in college.

How I got here, I’m not sure. One minute I was an uncertain English student, bored out of my mind, hungry for experience and knowledge but never feeling like I was getting either of those things out of a Norton anthology. I blink. And all of a sudden I’m running around in a white lab coat, up past midnight and awake before five making sure I finish all my assignments and study for my tests and abide by all the responsibilities I’ve signed my name over to.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my majors. I love literature and writing, and I love nutrition, and I love being able to merge the two together (or how I will be able to do so, eventually). I love my professors and my friends and my activities. But things are starting to run together, and my to-do lists are always growing and never shrinking. I don’t typically forget about things, but deadlines are getting harder and harder to meet. And when I’m dependent on other people to make sure I meet those deadlines, and those people aren’t cooperative or responsive in a timely manner, I’m the one who gets in trouble for it.

There is a limited supply of coffee creamer at my house, and zero bottles remain back at my apartment on campus. (Shopping, I hope, is one of the first things that commences when we return on the morrow). I would be swallowing coffee by the potful right now if it were available to me. So far this weekend, only one assignment due Monday has been completed. This weekend has been absolutely phenomenal so far (junior high volleyball championship victories, dietetic workshops, productivity to the extreme). But once again, I’m falling behind.

Deep breaths. No one ever said college was supposed to be easy.

I’m almost glad I’m not currently trying to write a novel on top of everything else.

Don’t even tempt me.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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