Tales of a Highly Caffeinated JulNoWriMo Enthusiast – Day 4

Have you ever noticed that the crowd commentary during a fireworks show is a lot more entertaining than the fireworks themselves? If you’re heading to fireworks tonight, just listen to the people around you. It’s hilarious.

I’ve written a little over 2,000 words today, and am going to try my best to catch up to where I originally wanted to be by the time I go to bed tonight. I checked the rankings (I promised myself I wouldn’t, but unfortunately I’m not very persuasive). Before I had a life, I used to be up there in Top Ten Land. But I’d rather get A’s and write good articles than have the highest word count.

Though I will admit, the one time I was in first place, I did quite an epic happy dance around my bedroom. I’m just saying.

I’m pretty sure this has been the most productive (and fabulous) Fourth of July I’ve ever had. It’s much better than the Fourth I endured last year (can you say running a 5K in 80-degree temperatures and studying chemistry all day? The things we do for our majors…). I moved up an age group this year, so I didn’t place like I have the past two years. It’s okay, though. In ten years, I’m kicking some 30-39-year-old butts for sure.


Why, do you ask, didn’t I find a 3D guy with a flag or something? Because I’m lazy. And running keeps my world spinning fast enough to keep me entertained.

Oh, and coffee. Never forget the coffee.

I’m loving this four-day weekend, and it’s not even – well, a fourth of the way over. I could totally get some serious studying done right now (it’s eerie quiet in this house, with my dad being all grill-happy and my brother out being a socialite). But I think I’ll watch Pretty Little Liars instead.

Don’t judge me. It’s on right in the middle of microbiology lab.

Love&patriotichugs, Meg<3


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