Tales of a Highly Caffeinated JulNoWriMo Enthusiast – Day 21

30,000 words and counting.

Once you pass this mark, the road to 50,000 is quick with very few bumps. I’m surprised even at how easily the last few thousand words have seemed as I’ve sat down in the mornings to do my best to catch up. I’ve found it’s easier to focus on one “story within a story” at a time. Because there are so many characters, each with their own first-person POV, trying to jump back-and-forth and go in chronological order just wasn’t working. I’ve also written a ton of scenes that did not originally appear in the TV pilot, so that has helped move things along as well.


Because I’m off most of tomorrow and it’s supposed to rain, I’m hoping I can crank out a few thousand words between waking up and sleeping again. I managed to write 3,000 words yesterday, which really put me about where I’d wanted to be in the first place, but I’m still behind my original goals.

School will do that to you, I suppose.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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