Tales of a Highly Caffeinated JulNoWriMo Enthusiast – Day 30




This box represents a vast number of things in my life right now. It represents the celebratory act of opening a meaningful treasure as a reward for finishing finals on Thursday night. It represents simultaneously the celebratory attitude I will already have due to having reached a 50,000 word goal by tomorrow at midnight. And it represents the idea of waiting – waiting for school to end, for a break, and then for it all to start back up again.

I am currently “stuck” at a little over 40,000 words, but the 10,000-word gap does not frighten me too much. If I can crank out 5,000 words today and another 5,000 tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be good to go. Where will the motivation come from, you ask? Many things: love of the story, adoration of the characters and my bucket list, of course.

It says I want to win five consecutive JulNoWriMos. And this will be my fifth. Just in case you were wondering.

Will it be tough? Yes. I will have to give up my much-appreciated relaxing time and probably some sleep, too. But personally I think it’s worth every sacrifice, to be able to enter that last word count and have my screen name in bold on the stats page. It’s always worth it. I just don’t think it has ever been as worth it as it will be this summer.

Despite all I’ve done my best to take on, tackle and conquer in the past few months, this has remained toward the top of my priority list. It’s not my greatest priority, of course – I have school to think about, plus an internship (and now an editor boot camp – talk about overloaded finals week!). And then there’s, you know, family and friends and cats who meow consistently for attention at the most inconvenient times.



Will finishing this goal be easy? No. Is writing a novel easy? NO! Neither is being in college or being a good friend or even just trying to make in this world as a writer in general.

If life were easy, we would never in a million years strive to accomplish as much as we do now.

Love&hugs, Meg<3

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