Thursday Throwback – High School

I’m caught in a trend and I won’t let it go until I finish this top 10 list. I figure, since my brother is about to start high school next week (what is happening to my LIFE?!) and I’m graduating from college this year (again, what?), it might be good to, you know, look back. Reflect. Maybe.

10 Things About High School that Made Me Want to Be a Writer

  1. My freshman English teacher told me asking “the iceberg question” was beyond my years. Say what?
  2. We wrote. All the time. It didn’t matter if it was creative writing or Spanish; we were always scribbling away. And I loved every second of it. I never wanted to stop.
  3. No one ever told me I was bad at it.
  4. People were actually interested when I mentioned I was trying to write a book.
  5. They were even more intrigued when I told them I’d already written one. I’m not saying it was good. Actually, I ended up deleting it. But hey. At least I tried.
  6. We didn’t just write in my Creative Writing class. We learned how to juggle, tango, and dropped eggs from high places without breaking them.
  7. Speaking of Creative Writing, I took it three times. I still graduated early.
  8. The more I wrote, I realized, the braver I became when it came to words and how I used them. And I liked that.
  9. I could write about things in my stories that I was too scared to talk about out loud. And that was, well, pretty much everything, since people used to ask me if I could talk. I could. It hurt my feelings.
  10. High school kind of sucked. But it taught me how to write. And that got me through.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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