The iPad Experience

Yes, you guessed it – this post is being brought to you from my brand-new iPad. Thank you music department for taking the initiative and launching the “going paperless” campaign on campus. If it weren’t for voice lessons, I wouldn’t have even gotten one. So thank you, self, for never quitting anything, ever.

I’m hoping it doesn’t take me too long to figure out how I can use my new toy as an advantage when it comes to writing. I’m going to need to start looking for a few good apps I can use to be able to write on-the-go. I already have the Bluetooth keyboard, which is obviously already helping out with this post – big time.

Speaking of writing, I really haven’t done much of that since my last post. I haven’t given up on my memoir of sorts nor have I forgotten about “Disorderly.” I’ve just been busy with my internship and finally starting to pack for school. I’m really excited for all I’ve been doing lately, but it’s very time-consuming and I do have to unfortunately put my free writing aside sometimes. I suppose it’s all part of the learning experience, knowing when you have the time and when you just don’t.

I really just need to get back into a routine. Summer has been fabulous, but it’s time for something different.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


One thought on “The iPad Experience

  1. I assume you’re familiar with dropbox? I don’t have an ipad, but it’s how I keep my writing synced between my Nexus and my Mac. It makes accessing novel notes and things from wherever I’m writing a lot easier.

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