A Head in the Clouds

The one day I can actually spend laying in the sun all day…and the sun won’t come out. Sign from the writing gods? Maybe. Nudge from God Almighty? Questionable. I mean, I did read through my GRE registration forms and hey, I did devotions this morning. Fifteen credit hours and an online internship don’t leave too much room for tanning. I’m exceptionally pale and I leave next week. Here’s to hoping for a clear of the clouds in the dreary Midwest.

I really should take a little time for writing today – and not writing an article or journaling or even a blog post (though by the time I do go to sleep, I will have completed each of the above tasks). If you’re a writer, you know how freeing it can be to get away from the real world for a little while to hang out with your characters, explore a new world or figure out a new problem (and how to solve it before your characters do). I suppose the same goes for reading as well, but you don’t get to choose how that story ends. Unless you were a ’90s kid.

Yeah. I just went there.

Want to know something funny? I had to stop in the middle of that rant, get up, and go stand on the back porch during the five-minute span of sun peeking through the clouds. But don’t accuse me of being addicted to tanning. If it’s not summer, I’m usually too busy to be outside. It’s the miserable truth. Welcome to the life of a double-major undergraduate student.

The fact that the biggest decision I have to make in the next twelve hours is whether I want to work on my memoir or my novel is pretty much okay with me, though, and just about makes up for the fact that apparently the weather wants to pick a fight with me on this wonderful Wednesday. Maybe I should try to do something more productive. If that exists.

I could pack. But I probably won’t.

As long as I don’t wait until Saturday night to pack everything up, I’ll be good to go. Despite my best efforts to crush its head, the small bit of chronic procrastinator left in me still takes a swipe at my obsessive task lists every now and then. Let’s hope I can get myself to at least locate the multiple suitcases I’ll need to fit all my…..stuff.

No, I don’t mean stuffed animals.

Not all of them, anyway.


Love&hugs, Meg<3


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