Confessions of a College Introvert

It is 7:21 pm. on a Sunday night. I have been doing homework, running, eating and sleeping (but mostly doing homework) nonstop since Saturday morning (yesterday). I like doing homework. I like running, too. Sleeping I don’t get along with all that much, especially when I have articles to write but my bed is all, “Dude, seriously, it’s lonely over here.” Food is a plentiful necessity – always around, always being blasted with microwaves or chopped into pieces or consumed between time-consuming projects. But it’s all about balance. We can’t just do homework all the time, or run 24/7 (that might hurt after about an hour or so), or eat constantly or sleep through the sunshine. There has to be a little bit of everything. Right?

You may have noticed I didn’t mention anything about interacting with other human beings. Before you start worrying, let me clarify: I did talk to people. I went to a musical Friday night, and the girl sitting at the front desk of the rec center complimented my workout shorts (because they matched my Team World Vision shirt?). Her replacement by the time I walked back out told me to have a nice day. And I do have roommates, ones nice enough to pull me out of my Henry James craze long enough to point out that there are gross insect-like aliens crawling all over my plant (which meant I had to toss it into the dumpster, but hey, nothing lives forever).

So no, you can’t just be by yourself all the time, either. But we introverts need our “introvert time,” and that’s not hard when your other roommate’s boyfriend comes to visit (again) and you have so much to do it wouldn’t even matter anyway if someone invited you to do something fun, because you used to be able to wake up at 4 am and stay up until midnight, but you’re old (21) and can’t do that anymore without about a pot and a half of coffee in a 24-hour time span.

Oh, I’m also limiting my caffeine intake. Shocked? Impressed? It’s not like I’ve banned myself from it, I just don’t make more than one pot in a day (and if that doesn’t tell you anything about how much I used to drink compared to now, nothing will). I figure I might as well get used to not being dependent on coffee now, since next year I might be a poor starving intern who can’t afford fancy flavored coffee creamer or pumpkin lattes from Starbucks.

But let’s not think about that right now. We’re still safe, in The Bubble, with a nice “free” apartment and parents who buy us food and coffee and professors who give us chocolate just because it’s Monday.

Well, that happened last Monday. I’m not counting on it happening two Mondays in a row.

Though, I do love chocolate.

Where was I? Oh, right: balance. Balance the homework (which we need to do to graduate) with the running (to keep our muscles happy) with sleeping (to keep us sane) and food/coffee/chocolate (to keep our brains functioning properly). And people. Never forget the people. People are awesome. Even when you’re scared of them most of the time.

Don’t take it personally. This is why I blog, not video-log. I used to do that. Don’t go looking for them, though. Please.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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