The Hands That Type

I have been writing pretty much all day. Literally. Tragic, I know. Just awful.

Before you get too excited, no, I did not spend the day boosting my word count. I am at a solid 39,000 words, right on track to finish just in time (my plan all along, in case you weren’t quite sure). What I have been working on, though, involves a series of self-critiques, research papers and one very pesky English capstone paper, totaled at 11 pages without any direct quotes added in. I spent about five hours on it this afternoon – five hours writing primarily about myself.

It’s almost like, now, I’m getting tired of writing. But not really.

I really should just keep going. I should go ahead and write the three articles I have to put together tomorrow, and compile the paper for my senior group project due Monday, and whip up the three-page paper I have due Tuesday. Simple. No big deal. Just keep on typing away – and hey, while I’m at it, I might as well get another thousand words in before bed.

Except, you’re even crazier than I am if you think I’m going to attempt all that between now (9:24 my time) and my bedtime (honestly, probably within the next hour, if not 30 minutes). First of all, let me reiterate a point: I AM TIRED. I am a college student three days away from Thanksgiving break who has not gotten a full eight hours of sleep since October. I have had so many assignments due in the past seven days I can’t remember what all of them were. Second of all, my hands are starting to hurt. That’s the one downside about MacBook Pros. The condition of my wrists over the past three years has significantly declined. Not okay, Apple. Not okay.

I just keep thinking: Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, I can sleep as long as I want to. And I honestly don’t think I’ve been that happy about being able to sleep in since…well, fall break.

You know you’re tired when you start writing about sleeping. Your characters, who usually don’t sleep that much, suddenly end up liking to sleep a whole lot more.

I hope I’m not the only one who writes about sleep.

**feels self-conscious**

Love&hugs, Meg<3

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