Your Characters Might Know More Than You Do

Even though I have about twenty thousand four hundred and sixty eight things left to do before I go to bed tonight (I just violated AP Style and I don’t care – BLOG FREEDOM), I must interrupt my seemingly endless stream of productivity to bring you this important announcement:

My characters are keeping secrets from me.

And yours might be, too.

It started yesterday, with the scene continuing and finishing up this morning. There I was, minding my own business as the narrator and all that, and all of a sudden, as Callie was sitting next to a headstone (it’s important, but don’t worry – SPOILER ALERT – Ashley does not die before the novel ends), she started having this flashback.

So then I was stuck writing about her life as a college student, as a comparative parallel to Ashley’s life before she ended up where she is now in the present, and who eventually appears, seven years in the past? ASHLEY DOES. That’s right. My own character neglected to inform me, until yesterday, that she and the other main character in my story had met before the events summarized in the past began.

Seriously? How is this supposed to make me feel?

I don’t know whether to be offended or impressed. I mean, if Callie can go an entire 23 days knowing something I don’t, that’s worthy of admiration right there. But, ahem, WHO’S THE WRITER HERE? I don’t think I appreciate having to add in an entirely new complicating factor to my story just because my character, the one who actually still communicates verbally in the present, kept her mouth shut.

But then, how can I hold it against her? She’s smart, after all, I guess smarter than I originally thought. I really need to keep an eye on them, especially when I go on a writing hiatus starting December 1 so I can, like, pass my classes and ace my biochemistry final and all that. They might start writing the story themselves while I’m gone.

Now wouldn’t that be interesting.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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