The Biological Dilemma

So you’d think by now (after, technically, nine previous semesters of college – that includes summers) I would have figured out this whole “finals week focus” concept. Yet for the past two days I have not been able to focus, especially on important things like studying my brains out (um, literally?) so I can pass biochemistry.

I don’t think it’s in my genes, this whole science thing. Ironically.


Really, I just need to take all my technology (phone/laptop/iPad, all Apple products, which are just that much more distracting) and hide it from myself for the next six days. I’m sure nothing too awful could come of that. Who needs e-mail/Facebook/virtual human contact, anyway? This is the final countdown, the second to last time I’ll ever go through anything quite like this. (Unless of course you count this summer. Which, currently, I just don’t.)

Whose idea was it, anyway, to cram everything into one week and expect to get an accurate measure of our performance throughout the entire semester? One test does not define my understanding of four months’ worth of concepts. Take biochemistry, for example. On top of it being, well, biochemistry, I’m an awful test-taker. However, I am going to completely ace the stuffing out of this final, because I pretty much have nothing else to do this week other than study for it (relatively). And the way the course is set up grading-wise, it will almost be like half of the tests I’ve taken don’t even count.

Not that I’m complaining about that (trust me). I’m just saying.

This is one thing I love about English classes. Usually, finals in the upper-division courses are either talking or writing your way to an A. Literally. I can handle that. I can ramble on and on about reader-response theory for twenty pages, no problem. But expect me to apply everything I’ve studied to a 50-question multiple-choice test? Really science? REALLY?

I’ll write an essay about the citric acid cycle. Would that count?

I like biology, but time has been my enemy this semester (and I suppose all the rest of my life, too, but particularly this segment). As much as I struggle with procrastination (what am I doing right now?), it’s not procrastinating when you literally have something due Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and are somehow still expected to master six chapters of biochemistry and take a test on them on Friday, and just don’t have time to grasp every single concept of fatty acid metabolism. I do need some sleep, you know, or I’ll, like, die.

And I would really rather not do that just yet, thank you.

You’ll have to forgive me if I start incorporating excessive biochemical concepts into my posts this week. At least it might give you something interesting to Google, if you don’t have finals to study for or whatever.

Note to self: study enough biochemical concepts so they can be effectively and excessively incorporated into this week’s posts.

Unplugging my power strip. Right now. Maybe. Probably not.

Love&distractedhugs, Meg<3


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