Frozen In Time: Finals Week Edition

I woke up this morning thinking about biochemistry. I suppose this is my life now, consumed by science at all hours of the night (it is night, still, technically, I suppose). At least, it’s my life until Friday at 3:00. Then I’m, as they say, free at last.

I’m wondering what would happen if I just flipped my test booklet over and wrote an essay about photosynthesis instead of filling in bubbles on a piece of paper. There’s nothing wrong with creativity, right? But sorry, he really doesn’t have quite that kind of an appreciation for “thinking outside the molecule,” if you know what I mean.

So currently, just in case you were wondering, it is exactly zero degrees outside, which means my chances of actually bundling up and shivering my way over to the rec center to run a few miles just plummeted in the same direction as the thermometer. Which is really a bummer because, I mean, I know I probably won’t run the rest of the [three days of the] semester because of finals. Dumb winter. Why can’t you just wait until Christmas to freeze time?

I suppose, if I can’t (or don’t want to make myself go) run, I could substitute that valuable time with biochem, or finishing this book and writing a paper on it for another final exam due Thursday. Or making my PowerPoint for this huge presentation I have tomorrow look pretty, or professional, or whatever term you want to use.

Sleeping in my own bed? Yeah, it’s going to be pretty fabulous.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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