Top 10 #WriterProbs I Hate to Love

Because I have another week of Christmas Break (and am about ready to head back now, not because I don’t love my family or my cat or rarely if ever leaving the house but because I AM RUNNING OUT OF THINGS TO DO) I have been making a lot of lists. List of things I need to buy before I leave, lists of things I still need to do before classes start – I even made a list of all the things I need to make a list for. I’m serious. THAT’S HOW MUCH FREE TIME I HAVE.


Lucky you – you get to embark on this fabulous list-making journey with me! I now present to you my latest Top 10 list – Top 10 #WriterProbs I Hate to Love. We all have them, and they’re different for everyone. Here are mine:

  1. Getting an idea as I’m falling asleep. I CAN’T HANDLE THIS. Before I got old and college tried to eat me (me in my entirety, not just my brain or my sanity) I could force myself to get back out of bed to at least jot something down in a notebook. Nope. Now I just let it invade my dreams and hope I remember it all in the morning.
  2. Not remembering an idea I had the night before by the time I wake up the next morning. Makes me want to punch my pillow, except not really, because I happen to respect the inanimate objects I own (and honestly, I only have two pillows and an elephant to sleep with, so ruining those relationships would mean sleeping alone. #SingleLadyProbs. But that’s another Top 10 list I haven’t made yet.)
  3. Having too many projects at once. Right now I’m managing two blogs (one of which is set for launch in February – don’t panic, I’m not keeping anything from you), cranking out at least an article a week for College Lifestyles, putting together other articles for other unspoken media outlets – and pretty soon I’ll be writing papers about Shakespeare. SO MANY WORDS.
  4. Typing too fast and having to backspace to the beginning of a sentence to fix it. Do you ever have this problem? Obviously I do. Silly fingers.
  5. Not being able to name a character after someone I know. I start basing that character off them, and in some cases that’s just not okay. Especially if it’s an evil character. None of my friends are evil. I hope.
  6. Involving too many characters in one of my stories. I sometimes have a hard time narrowing down which characters to keep and which to save for another project. The world does have a lot of people in it but even God has to get overwhelmed sometimes. You can only focus on so many people at once.
  7. Getting so lost in my story that I forget I’m not part of it. Unlike my characters I still have to eat, and sleep, and shower at least once a day, and let’s be real, all that coffee doesn’t just evaporate after I swallow it.
  8. Trying to turn nouns and adjectives into verbs when they actually aren’t. I’m not Shakespeare, okay? I can’t just make up all the words I want to when I can’t think of any other way to construct a particular sentence. I’m not that awesome.
  9. Being paranoid that my ideas aren’t actually original and I’m totally plagiarizing a random author’s masterpiece without even realizing it. ALL THE TIME.
  10. Going back, reading something I wrote six months ago and not believing I’m actually the one who wrote it. I’m sort of afraid of my own brain. But that’s another story.

Pun, obviously, intended.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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