JulNoWriMo 2014: Update #1 – A Call for Undiscovered Authors

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It turns out July Novel Writing Month – JulNoWriMo for short – has undiscovered superpowers.

It is that time of year again – time for me to talk about my current novel as I plow through it 2,000 daily words at a time. Time for me to talk about my past writing successes, which I very rarely do, because I’m still getting used to the idea of promoting my own work. It’s scary and it’s necessary. Ah, the life of an aspiring novelist.

I’ve been doing this – taking on the 50,000 words in 30 or 31 days challenge twice a year – since my first year as a National Novel Writing Month participant in 2008 (UGH I’M GETTING OLD). My first finished book ever, which I quite honestly can’t remember the name of at the moment (maybe that’s for the best), came out of that first writing plunge. My second, which writers of the movie “The Vow” totally stole the plot line of, was the product of my first July Novel Writing Month experience. My third, “Lost and Found,” also from JulNoWriMo, I wrote the summer before I left for college to convince myself my college experience was going to be AWESOME. My fourth, “Queen Bee,” was the result of my third year of JulNoWriMo. Each year in-between has involved ideas I’ve loved, started and just haven’t been able to finish because of school and other commitments. No book I’ve finished has been read by anyone other than some family and a few friends. I, in other words, am accomplished and unpublished all at the same time. And it’s WONDERFUL.

Notice a pattern here? The good majority of the books I’ve finished since I started writing longer stories in middle school have been end products of JulNoWriMo. Logically, this is probably because there is more time in the summer to write excessive amounts of words, and more time after word counts end to finish the book that started on July 1. I like to think JulNoWriMo has special motivational superpowers, giving us an increased motivation and inspiration to start – and complete – novels of all lengths and genres. Maybe I’m overzealous. What else would you expect from a multi-year, multi-annual WriMo participant?

More than talking about myself and my own book this month (I really try not to do that too often), I want to highlight YOU! Yes, you, the aspiring writer who has yet to ‘officially’ publish a novel, or who wants to quit sending out query letters because no one is responding, or likes to write books but isn’t sure if that’s the ‘career path’ you want to follow, part-time or full.

Here’s my philosophy: if you’re a writer, even if you’ve never published even a less-than-optimal blog post, you’re worth recognizing. There are people out there who want to be writers but never practice writing. And then there are people out there like you, who write, write, write, but no one ever seems to notice. Or maybe they notice, but all you ever get is a nice “you write good stories, can I read more?” from family and close friends. You have a story to tell! Even if your current project isn’t ready for even scrutinizing editors’ eyes, you have a personal story. You somehow started writing one day, and everyone’s ‘writer’s timeline’ is different. Who/What inspired you to start writing a book? What are your ‘noveling’ plans for the future? I want to read your story – and then, I want to share your story with the Internet, because who doesn’t love a good personal (and possibly inspirational) story from an undiscovered author?

Come on. You know you want to tell yours.

Email talesofacollegenovelist@gmail.com with the subject “TCN Undiscovered Authors” for more details. Interviews will be conducted via email correspondence.

Check back for more JulNoWriMo updates from me – and maybe from a few new faces.

Love&hugs, Meg<3

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