Here’s How to Be Proud of the Work You Do When Nobody Else Is

Remember that time you cried in the middle of Starbucks? It was totally worth it.

how to be proud of your work

Some of the toughest times in an aspiring writer’s life are the times it feels like nobody sees or hears you. You’re doing all this work. Why isn’t anybody paying attention? Is it bad? Should you stop?

First of all, don’t stop. You wouldn’t have worked so hard creating something TOTALLY AWESOME if you didn’t enjoy doing it. Second of all, it’s important to remember this: if you are not proud of what you do, no one else will be.

REALLY! You can be proud of your work. It’s OKAY!

Tell the world, because you did a thing and it’s awesome.

Did you just finish writing the book you’ve been working on FOR TWO YEARS? You haven’t told anyone yet??? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? TELL THE WORLD! YOU WROTE A FREAKING BOOK!!!!!!!!!

Yes, people do take this step to extremes. (We’re talking to you, people who promote their books on Twitter 10 times a day and clog up our DMs with unsolicited self-promotions.) A simple, “Hey guys, check out this really cool thing I did” does not make you an attention hog. It shows people you are proud of what you accomplished. If they don’t care, they’ll just ignore you. But you know what? A few people might say, “Hey, this is really cool!” Take a chance. You don’t have to keep the news to yourself just because you’re afraid no one will care.

Remember that time you cried in the middle of Starbucks? It was totally worth it.

We all have days, sometimes weeks, when even the most basic tasks are hard to push through. Instead of looking at those days or weeks as failures or setbacks, look at them as triumphs. We have all been in the middle of Starbucks, weeping because … well, who really knows why?

Look back on those moments you struggled hard to make it through even 100 words, because they were 100 percent worth it. If you can look back on tougher times and realize you had to be there before you could get here, everything you do from here on out will be that much more special to you.

Congratulate yourself, because no one else will.

Honestly … there will be some people along the way, even in the early days, who give you that pat on the back you’re secretly hoping for. We all need to feel acknowledged for the awesome things we do. The problem is, most people aren’t going to say anything or pay any attention. It has nothing to do with whether your work is terrible or amazing. People are just people, and their lives don’t revolve around yours. It’s as simple as that.

So when no one else reaches out to congratulate you on your job well done, congratulate yourself. Throw yourself a party – why not? Not because you’re THE BEST PERSON WHO EVER LIVED (well, maybe you are, but …) but because WHAT YOU DID IS IMPORTANT. Whether someone else acknowledges it or not, YOUR STUFF MATTERS. So do your happy dance like no one’s watching … because … probably not many people are. YET.

The only opinion that matters, in the end, is yours. If you accomplished something awesome, YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF IT! WHY ARE WE YELLING? BECAUSE IT’S REALLY HARD TO SHOW YOU HOW PROUD WE ARE OF YOU ANY OTHER WAY!



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