My Favorite Sentences from Books I Read This Year (2016)

This is why we read.

Though I’m not going to meet my reading goal this year (siiiiigh), I did keep a running list of any quotes that made me stop and reread them a second time. I did this last year, and really wanted to make this an annual thing. So here’s a project I’ve basically been working on since January. Enjoy!

1. Shame


“Shame doesn’t listen to logic.” – Burn, p. 115

2. Water


“The water lapped softly across his chest, seeming almost remorseful … as if asking forgiveness for being the man’s ultimate killer … as if trying to cleanse the scalded wound that bore its name.” – Angels & Demons, p. 527

3. Stories


“People take what they need from the stories they hear.” – Shadow Spinner, p. 125

4. Phantom


“Perhaps her mind … would be betrayed and mocked by a phantom self as the amputee is by a phantom limb.” – The Crying of Lot 49, p. 133

5. Boba Fett


“Nobody knows what Fett feels or doesn’t feel.” – Bloodlines, p. 341

6. Loneliness


“The suburbs are one of the loneliest places on earth.” – He’s Gone, p. 16

7. Spinning


“It is the peculiar nature of the world to go on spinning no matter what sort of heartbreak is happening.” – The Secret Life of Bees, p. 279

8. Hope


“You get tired after awhile of just hanging around hoping somebody notices you’re there.” – Down Sand Mountain, p. 170

These are only from a handful of the books I devoured this year. Feel free to check out my entire 2016 reading list on Goodreads (minus the books I’m going to read next week while on vacation – WOO WOO!).

What were your top reads this year? Any quotes that really stood out to you? Share them below. :)

Meg is the creator of Novelty Revisions, dedicated to helping writers put their ideas into words. She is a freelance writer and a nine-time NaNoWriMo winner with work published in Teen Ink, Success Story, Lifehack and USA TODAY College. Follow Meg on Twitter for tweets about writing, food and nerdy things.

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