2 thoughts on “Online Publishing Isn’t Helping Writers Write Better, and That’s a Problem

  1. You hit it just right, especially about the rush to throw writing out there to be seen even if it’s not our best work. I stopped submitting because of that, because as soon as I did throw it out there, I’d realize that it could be better and start tinkering with it again. I finally waited until the last rejection slip was in the folder and put everything away until I could come back to it with a fresh perspective, and a good peer editor to help.

    It’s a strange comment on our times–we want to do good work, but we want to get out there, too. Makes it tough when we feel like the slow kid, but it’s better to aim high and do our best–because what’s best is referenced the most.

    1. I think everyone figures all this out at their own pace – everyone’s path is so different, with different obstacles along the way. As long as you do whatever you can to get through it, you get there when you get there. :)

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