How to Publish a Blog Post Every Day for a Year Or More (In Case You Ever Feel Like Trying)

Are you up for the challenge?

I write a lot. It’s honestly just how my brain is wired. If I had any foolproof technique that would explain exactly how I am constantly able to generate new ideas and consistent content, believe me, I’d share it with you. There are methods to my literal madness — but they probably aren’t as magical as you’re predicting.

To me, blogging is as much about routine as it is about the content I publish. I like sticking to a schedule. Not every blog or blogger needs to follow such a strict regimen to become successful — after all, you can post six thousand times a day if you want, but if your content isn’t worth reading, who cares? But for beginners, this strategy might help establish enough routine to help them stick with their blogs through those lonely early months/years.

Basically, here’s how to write more (quality) blog posts every week — whether you actually publish a new post every day or not.

Know your blog’s topic really, really well

I wouldn’t be able to keep up my current posting schedule if I didn’t live, work, and breathe writing. When I’m having trouble coming up with ideas for posts, I draw on my own personal and professional writing experiences for inspiration. The more you already know about your topic, the easier it is to produce well-written content more frequently. This is why posting daily just isn’t feasible for many bloggers. If your blog posts are research-heavy, and you only have a few hours to dedicate to every post, you just aren’t going to be able to do it. That doesn’t make you any less of a blogger — it just means your posts will be less frequent, but packed to capacity with well-written prose.

Plan ahead

Things happen. Plus, you’re a human, not a robot, and you need days off. I’m terrible at batching posts to get ahead, but sometimes, it’s necessary — and it helps keep up your momentum without burning you out creatively. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from “daily blogging” is how to stay organized and predict when you’re going to need to write ahead of time. If you know Mondays are your least productive work days, don’t try to write a new post on Mondays. Have posts for that day scheduled out in advance.

Designate your blogging time for blogging ONLY

I stick to a very strict blogging schedule, and not just when it comes to posting on the blog itself. I know in my head that between time x and time y Monday through Friday, it is time to write a blog post. It is not time to do laundry or check Facebook or go for a run. This is my blogging time, and whether I feel like sitting down and writing a new post or not, it’s happening. I pretty much treat blogging as a job — it is not an optional task for me. If that’s the kind of mindset you need to adopt in order to keep yourself committed to your blog, take it as seriously as you need to.

Is blogging every day beneficial?

It really depends on a handful of factors. But I’d say the most important thing to consider is this: why do YOU want to do this? (I’m assuming, here, that you’re the only one writing/publishing on your site.) Because it’s a lot of work, and it’s definitely not necessary for most blogs. Just because I do it does NOT mean it’s the right choice for you! I do it mostly because I personally need that stability in my life, and may never blog again if I stop (haha). But when I first started publishing posts daily, my blog was a recent relaunch/rebrand — basically a new blog. I wanted to build up the amount of quality content on my site. And once I felt I had that, I just sort of kept going.

It’s helpful when you’re starting out — but don’t wear yourself down

But you don’t have to keep doing it. I actually think daily posting hurts my traffic at many points during the week, because people log onto their feeds every day, see YET ANOTHER post from me, and just skip over it. The reason I recommend bloggers post consistently (which could mean weekly, several times a week, monthly, whatever) is so they learn to create and stick to a strict schedule. Many new and even season bloggers aren’t good at that. Use daily publishing to train yourself to commit to and follow through with posting regularly, then ease up if you’re not as obsessively creative as I am (I did not just compliment myself, trust me).

Meg is the creator of Novelty Revisions, dedicated to helping writers put their ideas into words. She is a staff writer with The Cheat Sheet, a freelance editor and writer, and a nine-time NaNoWriMo winner. Follow Meg on Twitter for tweets about writing, food and nerdy things.

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