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Do You Know How to Write Good Emails? Your Success Might Depend On It.

The majority of people — even professionals, or those aspiring to be — have forgotten how to properly send messages. I can understand if a friend’s email to me about something random is full of typos. But if you’re trying to sell yourself as a professional (or aspiring) writer, and you can’t write an email, you’re not leaving any good first impressions.

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I Found My Voice By Blogging to an Audience of Two

This is probably one of the most important concepts I do my best to get across to my readers today: in the early stages of writing, your willingness to stay consistent and improve is essential.

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Can’t Get Into a Flow State? Here’s Why.

It happens to all of us. The way to overcome it is to figure out what’s stopping you from getting your work done before you give up — or deciding what you’re going to do to snap your brain into focus mode.

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You Cannot Cure Impostor Syndrome — But You Can Learn to Thrive Despite It

asically, this just makes you feel inadequate no matter what. You could work on writing and re-writing a novel for three years, and it could be one of the best things an agent has seen in the past decade — they could say this to your face — and part of you would still believe they were lying.

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This Week, Write About Someone You Have Lost

Recalling your own grief, and writing about it — you’re not faking emotion there. It’s the perfect way to practice writing a story about or from the perspective of a character who is grieving.

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The Clock Is Ticking — Are You Writing?

Sometimes, you have goals. And it seems like you’re not accomplishing those goals. But goals are not concrete. Maybe we need to learn to mold them to fit into our circumstances.

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