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Tips to Help You Concentrate While Writing

Are you an easily distracted writer? I could make this post very short and sweet and tell you to get off the internet and just write already, but that doesn’t always solve your problem.

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22 Ways to Impress a First-Time Blog Reader With Any Post

Convince a reader to keep coming back for more — you’re going to have to get a little creative. Here are a handful of ways you can impress first-time blog visitors no matter which post they happen to land on first.

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Before You Start a Blog, Ask Yourself One Question

I’m all for starting a personal blog if you need a space to dump your writing or you have too much to say and not enough outlets to say them in. But if you’re starting a blog to make money, get your name out there, become famous, whatever — you’d better make your audience your first priority.

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How Blogging Can Help You Land Your First Writing Job

At this point in the game, having a blog isn’t unique. People aren’t surprised when you mention you have one. However, blogging is one way to make yourself stand out when you’re interviewing for a professional writing job.

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12 Times You Thought You Totally Failed As a Writer (But You Didn’t

All these things don’t collectively make you a failure. They mean you are learning and growing.

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Falling In (and Out) of Love With Your Stories

It’s hard to shake off the guilt we feel when a new love interest/story idea comes along. It’s bright and sparkly, it’s appetizing and irresistible. Yet the thought of dropping everything you’ve already put so much time and effort into bringing to life is almost unbearable, no matter how realistic it might actually be.

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