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How to Achieve Instant Success as a Writer

Ever wanted to go viral? It’s every writer’s dream – and you can achieve it. Instant success is all about pushing to the front of the line, so do whatever you have to do to show up in search engine results and social media feeds.

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This is Why Character Development Takes So Long to Master

Someone writing their first story will not have yet mastered the complex process that is fully developing at least one character. It doesn’t mean they’re bad at writing… this is just something that takes many, many pages’ worth of writing experience to come even close to getting right.

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Actively Pursuing Your Muse: How to Work and Live Like a Writer Instead of Aspiring to Be One

You know how powerful your word choice is. So think about it. Do you dream of becoming a writer, or are you currently, this very moment, working on a writing project that will help you reach a specific goal?

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Have a Dream – But Do More Than Dream

There’s a reason you should never let go of a dream as soon as you create a goal, especially as a writer: making a career out of anything is work, and sometimes, work is exhausting. Too much work, without much reward, can leave you feeling discouraged and yeah, sometimes even tempt you to quit.

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WARNING: Do Not Do As I Do (Yet)

Don’t do what I do. Don’t be like me. Because a beginner cannot, and should not, do this. A beginner should not spend half their day writing.

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Writing. Friends. Fitness. Sleep. If You Can’t Do It All, You’re Still Missing Something

There are many successful people who are as mentally and physically healthy as they can be, with families they love, friends they connect with often, jobs they are good at, hobbies they enjoy …

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