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Here’s Why Pitching Isn’t As Scary As You Think

Emailing someone with an idea for an article feels weird for a few reasons — especially if you’ve never done it before. First of all, it has a cold sales call vibe. You’ve never met this person, you have their contact information, you have something to offer them — in exchange for something you want.

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12 Ways to Manage Your Procrastination Problem (Because Yes, You Definitely Have One)

Don’t put off reading this post.

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Doing the Work

Why don’t we want to do the work? Is work ever not exhausting and draining? I think even those of us who thrive on the thrill of being busy struggle to keep up the more projects we decide to juggle.

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Go Ahead — Tell Me All the Reasons You “Can’t” Do This

Is your “can” list bigger than your “can’t”? Do your can reasons make more logical sense than your can’ts? Are your “can” reasons easier to explain than your “can’t” excuses?

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How to Start a New Project When [You Think] You Don’t Have Time

You and I (I’m assuming) are a lot alike. (Because let’s be real, you wouldn’t put up with me day after day if you didn’t at least somewhat relate.) I, like you, have ideas. I, like you, really, really want to turn those ideas into tangible Things of Awesomeness.

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Why I Didn’t Quit Freelancing When I Got Hired to Write Full-Time

When I started writing full-time, I planned on phasing out my freelance clients over the first few months as I adjusted to my new work environment. But I found that going to work during the day and freelancing nights and weekends was not only completely manageable for me, but beneficial as well.

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