Deep December Thoughts

I know, I know. It has been three days since I updated y’all. Get over it (all one and a half of you)!

I have been doing a lot of healthy, non-academic thinking since I came home this past Friday. I’ve thought about food (yummy Christmas cookies, etc.). I’ve thought about next semester. I’ve even thought about why I named my Sim horse Mr. Darcy, when he is neither attractive nor someone I would marry if I had the choice (nor is he accessible to me, thank you very much).

Looking back on this past semester has been difficult. It has taken me awhile to figure out why. I guess it’s because of time. Change doesn’t happen in a day, as we all know. It doesn’t happen in a semester, either. 

Don’t get me wrong: a lot has changed since I set foot on campus in August. I made a handful of fresh, new friends. I applied to participate in a mission trip. I got accepted to go on said mission trip. And, oh hey, I discovered my life’s calling. Not too shabby, eh?

Progress. It is slow. It is painful. And it’s so gradual that no one can see it, not even me. And so progress still seems like a far-off dream, which makes it that much harder to grasp.

There is so much more in store than what I have right now. If nothing else, that’s what gets me through each day. Now is nothing compared to eventually, an eventually that hopefully includes a nice husband, some pretty kids (Jackson, Grace, Matthew, and Elizabeth, respectively), as well as friends, hopefully some of the ones I have right now. (Yes, Colleen, I’m talking about you. Don’t get too comfortable in Ireland, or I’ll have to fly over there and drag you back.)

There is hope. There is joy and peace and Christmas. And there is lasagna, glorious lasagna for days and days and days. It never ends.

Never forget who you have become. For who we once were, where we once struggled, trapped underneath the plague of disastrous chaos, is now gone.

Live for the moment. As each one passes, another fabulous one begins.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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