What the Olivetian Wonders in Her Spare Time: Life’s Most Intriguing Hypothetical Questions

Sometimes I wonder why. Why are Sundays my most productive days, when Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest? Why does toast taste better burnt? Why is Medical Nutrition Therapy so intriguing and Wuthering Heights so complex, when I am new to the nutrition-oriented world, yet have been an English major since before I came here?

Stop asking questions, the world says. Just go with it.

Well how are we ever going to learn anything if we don’t start by asking questions? I know the following from experience: there is no such thing as a stupid question (it’s only stupid if asked in irrelevant context). And it depends who you ask. I’m not going to walk up to my writing professor and ask him how to calculate serum osmolality. Hah. There’s a funny contradiction hidden in there somewhere. You’re smiling if you get what I mean.

Below is a list of questions I have been asking over the past three years. Think of your own questions. Do you have the answers? Smile. Jesus probably does, but He won’t tell you. Yet.

  • Why are the tornado sirens on campus on top of Burke?
  • If I were to start dating an English major, would we argue about Derrida or bond over him? (I can’t date any dietetics majors, sadly. There are only two of the opposing gender as of late.)
  • We’re not allowed to wear pajamas to our 8-o’clock classes because……?
  • Why “ring by spring?” Why not, “ring by whenever I’m ready?” (Don’t get me wrong: I’m ready. I just have to find a significant other to propose to me first.)
  • Why are all my friends traveling around the world, and I’m stuck in flat, uneventful, soybean central?
  • How does one simply “pass organic chemistry with a B?”
  • Why is there a typo in my MNT book? (And another!)
  • What happens when we have to leave the bubble? (Are we ever allowed back in?)

Reading. Must read more. Reading is good. Reading makes us smarter.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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