How I Know I’m [Almost] Crazy

You know you’re extracurricularly over-inovlved when you have to make a list of all your weekly responsibilities so you won’t forget about something seemingly insignificant that’s actually the most important part of the club/society/ministry/cult/volunteer commitment.

I don’t forget things. Not usually. I mean, it’s only human for things to slide past our radar every once in awhile. Right?

No, I haven’t forgotten anything major lately. But I think the biggest reason I know I need to quit something is because of my biggest fear: that I WILL forget something important, and then feel awful for forgetting, and then maybe even cry.

I won’t cry. But I might come close.

Have you ever slept for ten hours straight and wondered why you spend every day of the week so sleep-deprived? Or is that just me? Not being tired is AMAZING! I’m in awe……

Responsibilities. Right. I should get off WordPress/Facebook/Twitter/CL/e-mail/Pinterest and be a responsible adult.

Adult? College student. College. Student.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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