Patience + Patience = More Patience?

I’m waiting for my Internet to load so I can register for classes this summer and this coming fall. It’s taking forever. But it always does; that’s what happens when everyone is trying to register for their classes at the same time. I would really just like to get it over with so I can go on with the rest of my life.

My chemistry homework is done. Katy still has to check it, and I’m sure most of it is totally and completely wrong, but the first attempt has been completed. I haven’t even read Chapter 8; I guess I did retain some information from last year.

I still have to put together the PowerPoint for my group presentation, but other than that, most of everything that I have due tomorrow is done. That usually doesn’t happen. I loved working on my eating disorder case study, but I had to stop myself from doing too much work on it. There were too many intervention points I wanted to implement into my monitoring and evaluation. I suppose you know you’re a nerdy dietetics major when . . .

Speaking of which, I’m done with all of my community nutrition hours as of Friday at 4:30. Hurray!

But the semester is still far from over. Sad face.

Love&hugs, Meg<3



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