A Snowy Day in Bourbonnais

But no Snow Day (yet). Go figure?

I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m not. I mean, I stayed up until 1:30 this morning finishing my chemistry homework. If we had a snow day, I would be a bit sad, just a bit. But then I would get over it. I really need to stop beginning sentences with “but.”

I am pre-registered for all of my summer and fall 2013 classes. Everything that is due today is done. Tomorrow’s homework is another story, but hey, there’s still time before my first class for them to decide not to have it. I could get a ton of work done if I didn’t have anywhere to go. But again, I’m not getting my hopes up. (There I go again with the “but.”)

Since it definitely doesn’t feel like spring here, I’m not quite in a springy kind of mood. I’m glad to have preregistration done, for sure, and to have completed my chem homework without completely losing my mind. And hey, I’m almost done with yearbook assignments, too. That will be something worth celebrating. How about chinese food with Olivia on Wednesday? (Yes.)

Love&winterlikehugs, Meg<3


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