Too Much Coffee (But I Love Coffee, So It’s Okay)

Summer housing here is expensive. Good thing it’s not summer yet! Also, bagels are delicious. So is soup, particularly of the chicken noodle variety, though I’ll take some potato every now and again (mom should have made it this weekend before we left, but the salad and bread were quite tasty anyway).

Here’s an update on my life: nada. Nothing special, nothing new. I totally snubbed my alarm this morning, just totally didn’t even try to care about its feelings. There’s a reason why I don’t press the snooze button. What’s the point of getting the poor thing’s hopes up when you’re not actually ever going to listen to it anyway?

Of course, going back to snoozing myself (an extra two hours, I’ll admit) prevented me from (a) working out, (b) doing one last load of laundry before returning to the Land of Expensive Washing Machines, and (c) showering. Don’t worry, though, I showered when I got here. It was wonderful. And warm.

I have so much due this week, it’s not even funny. Seriously, stop laughing. If you have enough time to sit there and laugh at my misery, you have enough time to do some of my work for me. How about a nice senior adult case study, or a literature reflection paper? Or a theoretical literature analysis? How about a program plan to prevent the premature birth of innocent babies? Take your pick.

1 pot of coffee + mental exhaustion + flavored high-calorie creamer = this type of Meg-hyper.

Beware. It’s not going away.

Love&crazyhugs, Meg<3


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