The Bird Who Chirped

Birds are chirping. Birds. Spring sounds. Happiness. This one bird started chirping, you know, because he felt like it. Then all the other birds said, “Hey, I want to be happy, too.” Chirp! Chirp!

Life is weird. I know I say that about 20 times a day, but it’s true. Nothing ever happens the way you think it will. You randomly open your eyes one day, and oh hey, something is different. But it isn’t different because you asked it to be different. It just is.

Think: attitude. We can feel ourselves sinking into a bad mood, even if we won’t ever admit that out loud. From there, we can choose to yank ourselves out of it, suck it up and have a good day anyway, or we can feed off of it, letting annoyance turn to anger and anger into whatever might come next. It’s a choice. Life is all about choices (even though some of us **cough cough** are horrible at making decisions).

I look at the role models in my life and, honestly, I’m not surprised by them. The thing about them is, they don’t try to be role models – good, bad, or anything in-between. That’s just what they ARE. They live their lives the way they choose to live them; they don’t worry about what others think. And that’s why we model our lives after people like them: they don’t try (not most of them, I suppose).

We don’t just naturally follow what other people do: we choose to follow, or not to follow. But it’s our choice. No one tells us to be like so-and-so. We just want to be, and so we strive for that.

It’s too early. I’m rambling.

Love&hugs, Meg<3



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