I Need a Little Rain

It seems like every single Sunday this semester has involved me scrambling to get Monday’s assignments done. It’s hard to believe there is only one more Sunday after this one that will involve Spring 2013 homework and studying. Two weeks from now, I’ll be home again. Denial.

Next Sunday will be dedicated to packing, studying for my chemistry final, and putting the final touches on my MNTII major case study presentation. There’s still a lot to accomplish between now and then, but all I can do is keep pushing through it. I don’t have any other choice. I’ll survive on toast and coffee, if I have to. It’s the final stretch, and it’s going to be tough. But I can make it.

I hope it rains again today. I know that’s a ridiculous thing to say at this point, but I really feel like I just need another rainy day. The sound of rain calms me, somehow. It makes me think of exhilarating late-night summer storms, watching cars glide through puddles in the street, letting the thunder and lightning put me to sleep when I’m too tired to stay up and watch.

It’s almost here. We can do this.

Love&hugs, Meg<3


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