Three Ways to Make Writing a Fulfilling Activity


It’s been a long day, and by the time you finally get home to your lonely couch cushions, writing is the last thing you feel like doing no matter how many ideas scurry around in your brain. These mental blocks have been coming up a lot lately. Maybe you’re not quite sure where the problem lies. Are you bored? Too comfortable?

Experiencing that feeling of boredom and discontentment with your current writing project is normal. If writing is a constant stressor, though, you might need to take a step or two backward and consider these ways to make writing more fulfilling from day to day.

Discover Your Passions

Figuring out what you’re passionate about isn’t as difficult as you might believe. All you need to do is pay attention to common “trends” in your life. Which channels do you subscribe to on YouTube? Who do you follow on Twitter? What drives you to start a thread of commentary on a Facebook post? These aren’t just things you’re knowledgeable about. It’s likely you subscribe, follow and comment on these topics because you love to learn about them. More importantly, you probably don’t hesitate to share these topics with others. And you shouldn’t!

The best thing you can do for your future as a writer is to learn about, and in turn write shamelessly about, the things you like the most. If you like music, write about music. If you’re interested in fashion, write about fashion. Write about your passion often; don’t worry about whether or not your followers will get bored with it. If they’re following you, they won’t. And neither will you.

Set Goals Other Than Word Count

Wrimos are fun. They get you into the writing zone and help you channel the content in your head onto physical or virtual paper. There’s one downside, though: they tend to drill into your head that quantity is a main priority. Truthfully, the quality of your writing is much more vital to your success than how much you can write in a day, month or year.

Set goals that draw your focus away from how many words or pages you’ve written recently. Challenge yourself to write a scene from start to finish, refine your dialogue or outline the parts of your story that still seem a little blurry. You’ll feel much more fulfilled after accomplishing something small, yet essential, than you would after writing 5,000 words you’ll only backspace later.

Take (and Appreciate) Writing Breaks

We’re talking more than just the five-minute break you take to go warm up more coffee before starting a new chapter. Many writers feel an unnecessary sense of anxiety when they go even just a day without writing. There is no rule that says you have to write absolutely every day of the week to get better at it.

In fact, taking breaks can be good for you. Sometimes your brain just needs time to file away the ideas it wants to save for later, the ones you’ve used up recently, and new ones you might want to focus on soon. You might find that taking a day or two off from your current project leaves you itching to get back to work again. That’s good. It means your time off has rekindled your excitement for what you’re working on, which will only make the writing process a little easier when you get back to it.

Worrying about writing the same thing too often, not enough words in a day or not enough at all are major contributing factors for that sense of boredom keeping you away from your work. Use these tips to help combat these feelings. You never really stop caring about your own writing. There just might be self-induced pressures standing in your way. Only you can turn that boredom back into word-filled bliss.

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