Five Questions You’ll Ask Your Latest Story Idea


We talk a lot about ideas here at Novelty Revisions.

Why? Because ideas are like small children, and figuring out how to handle them when they crawl into your lap can be a real struggle.

A lot of things can happen when you get a new idea. You’re going to have a lot of questions about how to “raise it” right.

Here are a few things you’ll probably wonder—maybe even out loud—when that time comes.

1. Where did you come from?

Like really, which part of your brain did this mysterious thing live before now? Because you’re pretty confident in your own general level of sanity, and this doesn’t seem like something a relatively sane person would come up with on the spot.

 2. Can this wait?

You have a thousand things going on, not to mention real-world responsibilities and things to pay for. There isn’t time to start on a new project. Especially if you’re already working your way through one. 

3. How much longer are you going to keep me awake?

It’s 2 a.m., you were already up late glued to YouTube (admit it), you have stuff to do when your alarm goes off in three hours. This is the time of day your brain is supposed to stop bothering you, not the other way around.

 4. What am I supposed to do with you?

Okay … so maybe the idea itself isn’t so bad. Maybe it’s a pretty decent one, actually. But can you make it a short story, just to give it some attention? Does it need 50,000+ words to feel fulfilled? What does it want to become?!

 5. Would you mind if I introduced you to a friend of mine?

Sometimes, talking about your ideas with someone close to you can ease any frustrations or concerns you have in response to their unexpected arrival. Working your way through your thoughts, verbally, can do wonders for your conscience.

Ideas are prone to spontaneous appearance. And they do not like to share your affection. They will immerse themselves so deeply into your thoughts that everything—working on other projects, sleeping, functioning as a relatively sane human being—seems impossible to manage.

But ideas, when you figure out how to manage them, have the potential to become the best, most worthwhile parts of your life.

After all … they’d be nothing without you.

Image courtesy of Novelty Revisions.

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