Where to Find Smaller Publications that Will Want to Work with You | LET’S GET PUBLISHED

Starting small is easier than you think.


Getting published is a big, completely achievable dream, even if it’s not a very unique one. Just because everyone wants it to happen, though, doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen for you.

That’s what this whole series is about. Helping you make your writing dreams, hopefully, come true.

Now that we’ve told you why you should reach out to smaller publications for more writing opportunities, here are a few places you can start looking for them. They’re out there – but they’re not necessarily going to come to you. You have a much better chance of working with them if you take the initiative and reach out first.

You’re on this website. You’re already on the internet. You don’t have to go far.


Search bars are more powerful than you might think. When you have a general idea of the kinds of writing you want to do and the niche that writing fits into, narrowing things down gets a lot easier. You can use Twitter’s search function to type in keywords such as magazinewriting or publishing. If you’re willing to put in the time, following the trails from one account to another can lead you to publications not many people are following yet – publications that are more likely to say, “Yes, you can write for us.”

When you follow certain publications, Twitter also gives you a “you might also like these related accounts” drop-down when you follow someone, which is helpful if they have a descriptive name, handle and bio (and if they’re legitimate publications with growth potential, they will).

Also applicable to Facebook or, quite honestly, whichever social media platform you’re most comfortable with. Chances are, they’ll have an account there.

Internship Banks

If you’re in college, and you’re an aspiring writer, unpaid internships will be the best things that ever happen to you as a young professional.

If you’re not in school, the idea of an internship, especially an unpaid one, probably seems ridiculous to you. But just because you visit an internship bank (just like a job board, but for internships) doesn’t mean you have to apply for them.

Some smaller publications seek out writers in the form of internships to maintain a steady flow of content from day to day. By searching through these listings, you can explore whether or not these publications have other freelance programs or submission guidelines. Sometimes, just having a list in front of you of publications you might be able to write for is reassuring enough to make it worth your while.


If you’re strategic with this one, it can still work.

Blogs are a lot different now than they used to be. Over time, the lines between blogs and websites have blurred dramatically. Anyone can have a website about anything they want. Many blogs are no longer the “online diaries” of people who want their voices heard. Instead, blog posts look a lot like articles which look a lot like blog posts, which is why being able to distinguish between different types of content is so essential.

If you can find a blog that allows guest posting, or you’re willing to gather up the courage to email the owner and ask if they’re willing to work with you, it’s at least a start. If nothing else, you might get to experience what it’s like to see someone else publish your work on a bit larger of a scale than you’re used to. Which can, in turn, inspire you to reach out to publications other than blogs, when you’re ready.

Of course, you can always start your own blog while you’re waiting for things to come together, If you’re willing to accept that it takes time, and strategy, and serious dedication to get your blog noticed these days.

However you go about getting your work out there, we wish you the best. Come back next Thursday for our next post in the series.

Until then, happy writing!

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