How to Get Back to Writing After Totally Burning Yourself Out

You can bounce back from this.


Writing is fun. Burning out from writing too much is not.

Here at Novelty Revisions, we call this brain drought (because, as you’ll remember from yesterday, writer’s block? Yeah, not actually a thing after all). We’re totally into what we’re writing. It’s such a great feeling that we just keep going, either because we’re afraid to stop or because we don’t even realize we need to give ourselves a chance to rest.

Burning out from too many words is really hard to bounce back from. As always, we’re here for you. Check out these tips to help get you back to writing slowly and efficiently.

Slowly ease yourself back into it

After you’ve put a lot of time and energy into finishing up a big project, it’s okay to relax (here are some helpful tips for that). It’s okay to give your brain a break. You’ve accomplished a lot – you deserve to reward yourself with sleep or Netflix or whatever mindless task you choose.

It takes a lot of energy to write, whether you realize it or not. (So next time someone tells you that you shouldn’t be so tired after writing all day, just tell them you’ve been working out … your brain).

Once you’re ready, start slowly. Write a few hundred words here and there. Don’t push yourself too hard if you don’t feel ready quite yet.

At first, focus on something small you’re super psyched to work on

When you do start to feel ready to jump back into the game, is a semi-nonsensical Tumblr post the first thing you’re inspired to write? WRITE IT!

Honestly, the best way to get yourself into a writing flow again is to start writing … anything. A thoughtful Facebook post, an email to someone who may or not read past the first line, maybe. You don’t have to leap headfirst into another project right away. But even if you do, you don’t have to go at the rate you were before. For the first few weeks, let yourself write a little bit of a lot of different things until you can establish a new routine and get going at your normal pace again.

Well. Maybe not quite up to that pace.

Learn from the experience

So you got excited, brain rush won the argument and you wrote so much your brain basically went into overload mode and shut down. Not good.

When you’re finally back into a good rhythm, it’s important not to forget what you just went through. Don’t fall back into the bad habit that totally threw you off course in the first place. Learn from it. Learn how to better pace yourself so this doesn’t happen again.

Speaking (writing) of bad habits, we’re going to be starting a new series on breaking bad writing habits. So if you have bad writing habits you’ve managed to break in the past or would love some advice on how to break them now, please leave them in the comments or on our Facebook page. It’s going to be awesome, but your input will make it even more awesome and helpful.

Happy writing (or resting and THEN writing!)

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