What to Do If You Can’t Find Someone to Give You Feedback

It’s actually a misconception, thinking that the only way to improve as a writer is to get feedback from other writers.


What do you do when you can’t find someone to give you feedback on your writing?

A lot of things, actually.

It’s actually a misconception, thinking that the only way to improve as a writer is to get feedback from other writers. Sure it helps, but as we went over last week, it’s not very easy to find (people are busy, etc, etc). Here are a few ways you can continue to improve on your own, while you’re searching for individual feedback (which will be the topic of another post coming to you later this week).

Read, read, read

Want to be a better writer? Read. Seriously. If you want to blog better content, read more blogs. If you want to write better stories, read more books. Content creators are inspired and motivated to improve by viewing the work of other content creators.

You may not be able to find someone who can give you individual feedback on your work right now, but much of what you write is in some way going to be inspired by others regardless. Make time for exploring what’s already out there. Look at the work of successful writers. Study it. What about it has made it resonate with so many people? Apply what you learn to your own work.

Decide what “good” or “successful” writing means for you

Every writer is different. Every writer has strengths and weaknesses. Reading others’ work, you might be able to come to identify your own advantages and shortcomings when it comes to writing. But basing your skills on the work of others is only a starting point: it shouldn’t be your only metric. You have to decide, for yourself, what you want to achieve as a writer.

Do you want to clear up misconceptions about a specific topic? Help someone solve a problem? Tell a great story that makes people feel all the feels? Good writing isn’t measured just by whether or not your words make sense. Set a specific goal, something you want to accomplish in your writing, and focus on achieving that goal with every post and page you write.

Honestly, just keep writing

It’s unsettling, writing without knowing whether or not it’s “good.” But at a stage where you’re not getting the feedback you want, to be honest, it doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. At this point, the best thing you can do is to just keep writing.

You will get better over time if you just keep going. Because eventually, if you’re consistent and you gain experience and just keep doing what you’re doing, you will find that source of feedback you’ve always wanted. It may not be exactly what you imagine, but it will come.

Shoutout to ssunshine14 for asking such a great question last week! We’ll be doing at least one more post related to feedback coming up soon, but if that doesn’t help, you are all welcome and encouraged to ask more specific questions in a comment, on our Facebook page or via email.

Tell us: how do you measure whether or not you’re improving as a writer? Are you dependent on feedback (not at all a bad thing if you are), or do you have another source?

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