5 thoughts on “Some Days I Don’t Feel Like Writing Anymore — and That’s Why I Keep Writing

  1. Glad I read this today–I’m on the verge of burning myself out with my jobs (two all-nighters in one week is BAD) and haven’t written in forever because i’m desperate to relax. Well, I need to re-evaluate my work-life balance and make it so I work to live and not live to work. That’s going to be tough, because I’m a people pleaser and “always available,” but I need to evaluate what I’m capable of better so I can WRITE! That’s what I want to do most (other than lose weight–hee hee)

    1. I AM LITERALLY HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM RIGHT NOW. We’re TWINS. :( Keep me updated, because I want to make sure you’re ok haha. I am no stranger to burnout and I totally get how AWFUL it can be. What I try to tell myself is…..people will understand if I can’t write x number of articles this month. Many times, when you’re writing for someone else, they’ve been in the same position as you at one point. Not always, but sometimes. I think going through stuff like this makes you a better writer and a better person to work with, sort of. Hang in there. And wow, I just realized how late I’m responding to this. That’s what happens when you work all weekend….oops.

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