12 Things You Did Yesterday You Don’t Have to Do Again Today

Today can be better.

1. You had a choice between writing and something else, and you chose something else.

2. You didn’t respond to someone when you should have.

3. You responded too quickly and sent the wrong message.

4. You had the time to submit a more polished draft, but didn’t use it.

5. You had an idea, but didn’t bring it up.

6. You didn’t write, even though you told yourself you would.

7. You spent time writing instead of doing something higher on your priority list.

8. You thought about taking a risk while writing, and decided to play it safe instead.

9. You didn’t reach out to a fellow writer or potential agent/editor when you had the chance to.

10. You let someone else’s comments bring you down.

11. You went to bed believing that because you weren’t perfect today, you “failed.”

12. You forgot that each day is another chance to do better than the last.

Here are a few ways you can do better.

How to Get Better At Starting

How to Be a Better Storyteller

How Writers Can Improve Their Focus

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3 thoughts on “12 Things You Did Yesterday You Don’t Have to Do Again Today

  1. Idea I did any of these yesterday or today maybe I’d feel better. I have a freelance project from a client I’m starting Sunday but at the moment I’m an emotional wreck (lost my dad in February) so this lovely Father’s Day weekend is like a cloud spilling rain. Anyhoo, that went the wrong way. Your post made me feel like what I’m feeling right now is ok, thank you.

    1. It is absolutely OK not to feel great. It’s also OK to take some time away from writing when you need to focus on “life” things like this. Sending you all the positive thoughts today. <3

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