13 Things That Happen When You Force Yourself Not to Write for 1 Week

If you’re feeling burned out, walk away. Just don’t forget to come back.

1 At first, you feel kind of weird just … not writing.

2. But you get over it pretty fast.

3. Instead of procrastinating, you feel free to “slack off” without guilt.

4. For the first few days, anyway. Then the itch starts up again.

5. You start coming up with new ideas. Like … way too many new ideas.

6. You scramble to get them down without actually starting to write anything.

7. You try to tell your brain to shut up.

8. You actually consider writing just a few paragraphs … it’s tempting. Too tempting.

9. Then you remind yourself that this is a good thing. You’re giving your brain room to breathe.

10. You actually start to enjoy thinking through your ideas without actually working on them.

11. Then it’s the last day, and you can’t wait to start writing again tomorrow.

12. You remember why you started writing in the first place, and why you fell in love with it.

13. You come back ready to write again — and you no longer dread it.

Taking a break isn't a bad thing -- in fact, it's essential. Here's more on the topic.

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4 thoughts on “13 Things That Happen When You Force Yourself Not to Write for 1 Week

  1. I went through the withdrawal recently when we traveled to Madeira and Lisbon, Portugal. It felt good to be free for 10 days. Back at it now! Nice post! 😀

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