21 Thoughts All Writers Have Had While Trying to Vacation

Hey, you’re not supposed to be thinking about work right now!

(Yes, I verbed it.)

All writers need a break from writing sometimes.

Some of us are really bad at that, though. Like … REALLY bad.

You’re one of those, if you’ve ever had a day off that involved internal dialogue like this.

1. I feel like I should be doing something. Like … writing.

2. Sleeping in? Sure … I don’t have to get up early to write. That’s cool.

3. It’s the middle of the night and I have a new idea for a story.

4. NO.

5. Wow, I did it. I slept in. Mmm, coffee. Wait … now what.

6. Relaxing is exhausting.

7. I should be writing.

8. Binge-watching Netflix is weirdly motivating me to write?

9. Why doesn’t my brain ever shut off?

10. This is a really good show. I need to take days off more often.

11. I should REALLY be writing.

12. The day’s only half over. I haven’t DONE anything. This feels wrong.

13. Hitting pause. I have to write down this idea for a blog post.

14. Oh, there’s another idea. Great. Writing that down too.

15. Maybe I’ll just outline this really quick …

16. Wait, no. I’m on vacation. This is relaxing time. NO. WORKING.

17. I just ate an entire pizza out of BOREDOM.


19. In 12 hours I’m allowed to be a creative human again.

20. I will not write. I will not write. I will not write.

21. OK maybe just a few hundred words.

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