What Happens When You Write More Things That Scare You?

Hint: Many good things, zero bad.

1. You start writing things you normally wouldn’t … but somehow, it feels right.

2. You worry (a little) less about your future as a writer.

3. You stop trying to impress others and start trying only to impress yourself.

4. You end up trying a lot of new and exciting things.

5. You learn a lot about topics you otherwise never would have bothered to look into.

6. You also learn a lot about yourself — as a writer and as a human living in the real world.

7. You begin discovering the genres/styles of writing you are — and aren’t — good at.

8. You start feeling … free.

9. You start to believe you really can write things worthy of being published.

10. You realize you really had nothing to be afraid of after all.

11. You ALMOST start to like reading your own stuff. Almost.

12. You finally start to become the confident, risk-taking, accomplished writer you’ve always wanted to be.

Want to gain confidence as a writer? Let me help you with that.

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